Fast Food Should Come With A Warning Like Cigarettes And Alcohol

Fast foods are categorized as easy, quick and cheap foods but can also be harmful and unhealthy to our bodies. Fast food should come with a warning like cigarettes and alcohol because it causes obesity and medical problems like cancer, diabetes, allergies, depression, loss of sleep, muscle problems and even death. Firstly, Fast food should come with a warning like cigarettes and alcohol because it causes obesity. obesity is a bad and risky problem, and people have no clue that fast foods are terrified and unhealthy for their bodies. Due to obesity or overweight, 2. 8 million people die each year including youth and adults. Fast food is unhealthy; it made of high-fat meat, sugar, and everyone should avoid eating it because millions of people can die from Fast Food. Fast food contains bad fats and has little nutritional value in them. For example, McDonald’s have 690 calories of fat and cigarettes have 4000 chemicals in them where 50% known as diseases.

Fast food most likely provides fat, and it also affects the environment. Obesity also affects pregnant women as in increasing the likelihood of miscarriage, and other complication; Obesity also affects new born babies even if they don’t eat fast food but since their parents eat fast food or smoke cigarettes daily. People that love fast food consumed more fats, sugars, carbohydrates and fewer fruits than others who didn't eat fast food.

Children are also suffering from obesity and calorie Intake because they consume too much fast food like pizza, hamburgers. Obesity is now a public health problem to all nations in general; It causes more than 50 percent of Americans or other nations to suffer from diseases, health problems and sadly to die. Eating fast food all the time can cause health problems, and we should avoid any health risks.

Secondly, Fast food should come with a warning like cigarettes and alcohol because it causes medical problems like cancer, diabetes, allergies, depression, loss of sleep, muscle problems, and even death. People that eat fast-food one time per week increased the risk of disease by 20% and 50% for people that eat fast-food two or three times per week. Eating hamburgers, fried chicken can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Regions in Canada that consume fast food have a chance to suffer from mortality. “40% more people than wars, hunger, dictators, and murderers die every day from obesity. ”

Our society has come to a point where people die more from eating fast food than murderers, hungers or any other problems. Fast food can harm your body and lead to cardiac death, cancer, depression, and more. People who eat fast foods are more likely to suffer from depression compared to those who don’t consume it at all. Eating fast foods not only harm your physical health but also your mental health such as causing depression and other issues. Compared to those who ate little to no fast food and baked goods, regular consumption increased the risk of depression by 51 percent. Instead of eating fast food daily, people can save their health which it may keep them live longer.

Thirdly, labeling fast food will help reduce Obesity, death or any other health problems. Nowadays, obesity is the main reason why people die from heart disease, cancer, stroke, and even more health problems. Both fast food and cigarettes are bad for our bodies, but it stated that cigarettes contain 4000 chemicals that can harm people’s lungs. “Cigarette smoking caused over 16 million people in the United States the following “chronic illnesses”. Cigarette smoking have harmful effects, including its obsession problem. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention “480, 000 Americans die every year due to cigarette smoking including minors that try to smoke too. ”

There are many solutions that us Americans can apply to save people from dying as in stopping them from eating fast food or smoking cigarettes or alcohol. “Us Americans or even the government should have the right to let consumers know which foods are harmful to our bodies or increase the risk of any type of diseases. ” Food companies should have the right to inform the population about any food that they are consuming. “Food addiction is a serious problem that can cause physical harm or diseases which ruins and destroys people. ” People that do not smoke nor eat fast food have a longer lifespan than those who do so. “Lighting a cigarette can cause multiple mild and chronic illnesses because it contains 4000 chemicals and most likely can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. ”

Tobacco cigarettes are a huge problem for our society and they are also sold to minors which is highly wrong and dangerous for their lives and their parents in general! On the contrary, some might agree that fast food should not come with a warning. “People will still eat it even if they knew it could affect your health in a negative way. ” I strongly disagree with this quote because fast food causes a lot of health problems and physical problems like heart disease, depression, obesity, diabetes; Who would want to get sick or even die from unhealthy foods? Otherwise some people say that “When you cook food at home, you get extra wasteful food; therefore, it’s better to eat fast food. ” This quote doesn’t make sense because food from home benefits more than fast food because fast food contains fat, sugar and low nutritional substances. Fast foods or cigarette smoking most likely cause death, cancer, cholesterol, depression, and other health problems. People also states that cigarettes help people releasing stress, problems but they don’t even realize that cigarettes are just destroying their health. Cigarette might help people from stress as they stated, but it also destroys people’s lungs and the government should banned cigarettes from minors because they are too young, and they can get hurt even worse than old people that are smoking. In conclusion, Fast food should come with a warning like cigarettes and alcohol because it causes obesity and medical problems like cancer, diabetes, allergies, depression, loss of Sleep, muscle problems and even death. Fast food should be banned because it causes mental and physical problems and leads to death. “Fast food contains higher weight-loss maintenance and weight gain. ”

Fast food affects children and young people worse than adults because children most likely buy fast food, for example, Wendy’s, and Burger King. Imagine having children that are overweight or suffer from cancer, cholesterol, heart attack, how would you feel? People should stop eating fast food every day, but they should eat healthy food. Both fast food and cigarette or alcohol should be banned completely because many people die every year from them, and they cause addiction. Most fast-food places put chemicals in their burgers or any other food that are extremely addictive; therefore, we should get altogether to stop and help those that are eating junk food or even smoking cigarettes from suffering with dangerous diseases or other illnesses.

29 April 2020
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