Features of Intramural, High School and University Basketball Referees

I this essay I am going to discuss three different kinds of basketball sport game and how referees work in each of them: intramural, hight school and university. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages as well as own rules and fans. 

Intramural Basketball

Intramural referees are not formal like the college and high school referees. Because the time between games is approximately ten minutes, intramural referees do not have enough time like the college and high school referees. Before the start of the game, teams are called at the half-court and briefed about the game rules. One player prays for the two groups, and then the game starts. The officials in the game I watched (Transition Trays vs. Feelings Will Be Hurt) were not strict. It was more like a fair game since the referees only called for understandable fouls and desecrations. At one time, a player from the Transition Trays team shouted at the referee because he differed a call. The player jumped up for a lay-up, he was appropriately scythed, but the referee did not take it as a foul. In my view, that was a clear foul, but the referee had a different perspective. The game was fairly officiated with a few nasty calls.

High School Basketball

High school basketball is more official than intramural basketball. I watched a rivalry game between Mickinley Tech vs. Lower Merion, and the game was called very carefully, and it was very cheerful. Before the game started, the referees called the two team leaders to half court to remind them of the rules of the game. The game was genuinely exciting as spectators cheered for their team. As the second quarter came to an end, one player shot the ball after the referee had blown the whistle, and another player from the opponent team jumped up to block the shot. Players from the two sides had started walking out the court, so the player was only making fun by shooting the ball. However, he was irritated when the other player blocked his shot, and they started exchanging words. The referees did not give any foul, but the two players received warnings. When the third quarter started, the player who shot the ball was not in the court but the one who blocked it was on the court. He went up for a lay-up, and an opposing team player tackled him normally. He started shouting at the referee for not giving a foul, which caused him to be sent out of the floor. In my opinion, this was a fair game, and the player deserved to be sent off. However, the team coach could have taken him out when he exchanged words with an opponent at the end of the second half.

University Basketball

I watched the game between Virginia and Texas Tech. Before the start of the game, the referees confirmed that everything was in order. The two captains were called at the half-court and given instructions of the game. The referee confirmed that the ball was well inflated before the game started. The game was very tight touch fouls were called, and other many foul calls were not neglected. The referees were very keen, but I noticed a player who could side scuffle and do a rabbit jump before he took any shot. At first, I thought it was deliberate until it happened several times, and another player started to complain. The player started shouting at the referee, but his captain instructed him to calm down. The referee handled the issue perfectly because he went to listen to him during the timeout. In my opinion, the game was fair, and the referee dealt with the claim correctly.


I think the three games have different officiating levels. In my opinion, the intramural game missed a lot of foul calls, and the referees were in court because they were supposed to be there. The high school and university games were more official, and the referees were much more involved in the game than the intramural referees. The referees lacked confidence, and this caused them to ignore some fouls for fear of student madness. The referees called for a brief timeout before declaring a foul. Lastly, game officiating was what I anticipated. I predicted the intramural referees not to be serious with their job like the High school and university referees did.


  • Mickinley Tech vs. Lower Merion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exDRSP_CTcg
  • Transition Treys vs. Feelings Will Be Hurt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLY4bxysG-I
  • Virginia vs. Texas Tech. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N9KYZrJpOc
07 July 2022
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