Feminism In The Play Trifles By Susan Glaspell

Trifles is a play that is full of different plots that will explain the events that happened to solve this mystery murder investigation. Reading this play makes one notice a certain number of events such as not being able to see Mr. and Mrs. Wright throughout the whole play and focus on the detective. The play is based on a true event on the murder of John Hossack which was reported by the author of this story Susan Glaspell. Due till the time this play was created when women didn’t have that many rights which makes a great on how the facts are spot together. It gives the sense that the different type of the themes such the nature of the truth, gender relationships and power of relationships. In the play the Men was said to not found any types of clues, yet the women found some but due to the trifles of being a woman was they said was irrelevant. Despite that both the court attorney and sheriff were supposed to be trying to solve the murder they are criticized and focused on the condition on the house. In the play knowing that Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters seem to have a close connection with Mrs. Wright they understood because they live on a farm. But the men don’t understand from their perspective and belittles Mrs. Wright housekeeping skills. Trifles is a 11-page piece of play that describes the theme of gender roles and the power they struggle to create. The perspective of this essay would be that one of the main factors of this play is feminism.

During the year of 1916 women did not have many rights and treated wrong and was that the Man was more dominate. Like when the sheriff said, “They wonder if she was going to quit or just knot it”. Then Mrs. Hale said “I don’t know as there’s anything so strange, our takin’ up our time with little things while we’re waiting for them to get the evidence… I don’t see as it’s anything to laugh about”. The basis is it supposed to be a murder investigation and Ms. hale and Mrs. peters doesn’t find anything funny but to the men it is. They were being made fun off for thinking of women stuff like quilts. The women live in the society where the man is the head of the house forcing women to only be worried about the house work and all other things in that category it’s like their mindset and responsibility. Another fact would be Mrs. Peters saying, “Of course they’ve got awful important things on their minds” (Glaspell 78). As I read through the play, I notice Mrs., peters apologizing for the men also even supporting their position on how their no able to keep their focus on important situations. It seems as if there are the differing points From Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters shows the Tension that’s going on in the play. One of the most important lines would be Mrs.Hale saying “I might have known she needed help! I know how things can be for women. I tell you it’s queer, Mrs. peters we live together, and we live far apart. We all go through the same things it’s all just a different kind of the same thing”. Mrs. Hale opens her eyes and realizing that not just her and the other oppressed but all women in general. Not even playing the blame game Mrs. Hale talking upon herself because she could have come over sooner things would have been probably different. Therefore, one may question throughout this whole play whether justice ever served or has not been served.

Justice in this play was not served for many reasons but on the second hand one still must remind oneself of the year this is happening. If this tragic event happened during our time it would have been handled very differently more properly. Despite Mr. Wright death being investigated we didn’t get to see or hear Mrs. Wright part of anything. Mrs.Hale and Mrs. Peters found evidence that would prove that Mrs. Wright could have killed Mr. Wright but was hidden. All the evidence was hidden away from the men in a way but doing that may come up with some different types of observation whether this will help Mrs. Wright or not. Also, one has to also think if her case was not messed up how many women would this help dealing with the same problem their selves. This type of issue could have been any other women back then because they could relate to the topic. Any women back around that time could have been in the same situation Mrs. Wright was in so what else we could possibly say on her behalf.

This play could have a deceptive type of aspect on a reader and how the play consists of too basis perception and behavior. Trifles express the concept on women action as well as the men difference grounded varying understanding of the home. The plot was misleading and it is a fact in the play it’s no accident the women discover the evidence. The men and women of the play do perceive the setting living on a farmhouse from different perspectives. Trifles mean of little value or important the investigators miss minor clues while the women spotted them clean out. The Play Had great supporting facts on what could have made Mrs. Wright lose her edge and kill Mr. Wright Such as finding the dead bird in the sewing box. Throughout the whole play it is noticed that Mrs.Hale and Mrs. Peters despite being defined as being likeminded they still found power when being devalued. Mrs.Hale and Mrs. Peters related to Mrs. Wright from the experience they went through as well. Basically Mrs.Hale and Mrs Peters had a link between each other but decided to remain silent. It turns that their silence gives off a type of refusal to not endanger a sister Mrs. Wright As for the men in their remains as an undiscovered trifle.

The entire play was a little complex but very understanding on the certain of events that was going on. Such as when the Sheriff said ‘Well, can you beat the wolemn! Held for the murder and worrying about her preserves”. Also as well the Court Attorney responding saying “I guess before were though she may have something more serious than preserves to worry about”. Both the sheriff and the court attorney set the play off till two different topics of women of the world and also the world of the law.

16 August 2021
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