Film Analysis: Singin' In The Rain

In the movie singing in the rain, there is a man who is very famous and his partner is as well, but she can’t sing or dance, or even act so he meets a girl, and they fall in love after some strife, and she has a beautiful singing voice and she is a very good dancer. So, in a new movie they produce, they get the main guys girlfriend to fill in for the other girl with a voice over. Then, the bad girl named Lina tries to get the other girl named Kathy fired. But it doesn’t work and in the end Kathy and the main guy end up married and in films together and Lina ends up fired.

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The cinematography in the film was good, a few times as the main guy would speak, the camera would zoom up right on his face. Depending on the scene, it zoomed quickly or slowly. In the scene where Don is running away from the mob of fans, he jumps onto the top of a truck and then proceeds to jump into the passenger seat of Kathy’s car. In a part where the actors are acting in a studio, it then slowly changes to black and white then zooms out where it is the movie on a movie screen.

For editing, at one part it showed two different scenes of people dancing and singing overlapping, so it added a cool effect. For one part during a long scene where Don is daydreaming it shows him dancing with a group of girls. It shows the same part three or four times, but each time everyone is in different costumes, and a new style is added. At the end of “Gotta Dance” Don is shown on a green screen “floating” above the rest of the people singing and dancing. The acting was very good, and in some places very funny. Especially in the scene with Cosmo when he sings “Make ’em Laugh”. All of his facial expressions added a lot to the scene and showed us a glimpse of his personality. There is a very funny part where Don says that he is the best actor because while he is filming he has to kiss Lina so he says he is the best actor because he is pretending to enjoy it.

The story was very good as well because it made sense and was very comical and romantic. But in the part where it is his day dream, it gets hard to follow because there are so many different things that are happening and going on. For Mise en scene it is creative and unique to the film when they start off the movie literally singing in the rain singing the song. The music is helpful and adds a lot to each scene and moment. The music often changes as new character walk in and out. Also some of the sounds correspond with the actions of characters.

The film excelled in being original and funny and romantic. Although there could have been more scenes on how the loving relationship between Don and Kathy came to be. But, it was very enjoyable and funny. It could be better in the way that it could be clearly in certain parts, but other than that it was good. I would recommend it especially for someone who likes fun romantic musicals.

13 January 2020

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