Finding Nemo: Instructive Film for Adults and Children

The movie that I chose is a Pixar movie called Finding Nemo it’s a Pixar animation. They have made this movie a humorous and intelligent family-friendly movie and just note that I did not say it was just a kid's film. Let's look back at some other Pixar movies like 'Toy Story' and 'Monsters, Inc.' They are also animation with that said Pixar has done a great job with all these movies by making them come alive for everyone. And as the examples, I have made these are some of my favorites. But I have to say Finding Nemo has been one of my favorites they have done an exceptional job on making this film. 

As I looked more into Pixar films, they make their movies come alive and tell a great story. Like in Toy Story they made the toys come alive when there are no humans around and so you're seeing what the toys see in their eyes. Then when it comes to Monster’s Inc, they are showing us the monster room and how the put monster goes through a scare test, so they get the most screams out of kids. So that’s showing a childhood memory of fearing monsters under the bed or in the closet. When it comes down to finding Nemo it's magical under the sea life and learning life lessons. As this film takes place under the sea we have this clownfish named Marlin who's played by (Albert Brooks) he's the father of soon be his son Nemo but first, him and his spouse have baby fish eggs but they end up getting eaten by a vicious barracuda at the beginning but one egg was saved after all that and marlin is going to name it Nemo. 

A few years later Nemo who’s played by (Alexander Gould, Elliot’s son) is older and is heading off to fish school for the first time. However, his dad is overprotective after being attacked by a barracuda with his spouse who was killed many years ago. So, Marlin is going to be protective of his one baby. As you watch this you can see Nemo is sick of being treated like a baby, so he proves how brave he is by swimming out to the butt meaning the (boat), only did he know that there were drivers swimming around and all of a blink of an eye Nemo was taken by the scuba-drivers. So, Marlin heads off to find Nemo and runs into a new fish named Dory who’s played by (Ellen DeGeneres), who has a short-term memory loss and forgets things a lot. As they get going Dory forgets why Marlin is following her (like when she was supposed to show him where the boat went with his son Nemo). Therefore, with Finding Nemo they give them their own under the sea world, and as you pay attention to the way they capture the computer graphic. 

They show the humor and cuteness throughout the whole film especially the humor of everything and the characters. There are so many parts of the movie I love but if I must choose one part of the movie it would be when they get to the dentists and there’s all these fish including Gill who’s played by (Wilhelm Defore) who continues to escape out of the tank, but every time he tries to escape he suffers by getting injuries, by landing on the dentist's tools tray and getting sliced up. Once again Pixar has a mind of making these movies so magical and sometimes breathtaking in how they explain the story behind it. I love how they stick with making family-friendly films since the fifties and sixties I really respect that from them. And how they stay true to the film. Finally, I love how this movie can be watched by adults and kids, and it's funny that they make this film so engaging and fun to watch. Also, the movie teaches you how life can be scary when you take big steps but shows how brave you can be too. And that it teaches you a life lessons. 

07 July 2022
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