Firearm Death Rates In The United States

States that have more firearms per capita, have more injuries and deaths due to firearms. Deaths by firearm are rapidly increasing every year. According to the “The hill news” an American based news company owned by capitol hill states that “The 39,773 recorded deaths from firearms marked an increase of more than 10,000 compared to the 28,874 deaths recorded in 1999.” There have been 19 mass shootings in 2019 alone, and on average, there is an active shooter in the country every two weeks. Alabama has the highest death rate out of all fifty states. Every year, approximately one thousand one hundred and twenty-four people die due to firearms. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, about fifty-four-point 6 percent of people legally own guns. However, a new study shows that gun fire and death are occurring more often in large metro areas, like New York. Although states that have less people seem to have a higher crime rate, states with a large population density also have high crime rates. There are many different types of firearm deaths and injuries, including homicide, suicide, accidental, legal intervention/war, and undetermined. Centers for disease control and prevention shows that thirty seven of gun related deaths are caused by murder. Sixty percent of deaths are caused by suicide and 3% or other, which were unintentional, involve law- enforcement or were undetermined. About 36,100 people die from firearms each year. Unfortunately, suicide to makes up over 21,000 of these deaths. Sadly, suicide is leading cause of death by firearm. Homicide and suicide have the highest death rate by firearms. Homicides in the United States are usually committed with firearms, handguns are the most popular. According to an official website of the United States government, department of justice gun violence in America, “Gun Related Homicides” have increased after the year 2000 comment to a high of 11,547 deaths in 2006, before falling again to 10,869 in 2008”. In 2017, suicide is accounted for six-in-ten gun deaths in the Unites States. According to the CDC “Firearm homicides and suicides represent a continuing public health concern in all states. During 2015 through 2016, total of 27,394 fire homicides and 44,955 firearms suicides occurred among US.” Death caused by firearm rates begin increasing recently.

In America, there are about as many guns as there are people. According to “gun laws in death”, “One third of US residents are gun owners. However, it bears mentioning gun ownership is more concentrated in some areas of the country than others”. States around the central part of America have repeatedly showed some of the highest rates of death by firearm. Violence takes tens and thousands of lives each year. About 36,600 Americans die by guns each year, on average 100 per day. Firearms are mainly responsible for this. According to the “CDC” 39,773 recorded death for firearms marked an increase of more than 10,000 compared to the deaths recorded in 1999. Approximately 12 out of 100,000 people are killed due to firearms. Polak 2 2 Crime rates are almost always constantly changing each year. Then Brandon center for justice at NYU school of law states that “in 2015 and 2016, overall crime rate remained stable, while motor and violent crime rose.” In 2017 the crime rate decreases lately however now in 2019 it has been increasing rapidly. West Virginia is one of the safest states in America. Only 348 deaths due to firearms are committed each year. Only 112 of those or homicide in the rest are other. Unlike Alabama, West Virginia has more people than Alabama therefore not as many people own guns. Alabama has a small population of people, so more people own guns. For this reason, states with less people own more guns which leads to higher crime rates. States that have a smaller population of people like Alabama, Arkansas, Alaska, Arizona, etc. Legally own more guns per 100,000 people, than the states that have a higher population like Texas. However, states with a high population like New York in California have higher crime rates. The reason for that is population density. New York and California have a lot of people per unit of area. Therefore, there is a higher chance of gun violence and Homicide.

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01 February 2021
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