Foster Kids In The Real World

Foster children adapt better to the world than normal children because foster care kids know what it is like to go through hard times and they work harder than normal kids. Sometimes kids need a push to be better and the foster care parents give that to them unlike some parents. There is a lot that is wrong with this world because of the people, and they just need help and that is what foster care does for the children they save them from the bad parenting. The foster kids also get a lot of help to make sure they are doing okay. They tend to work harder than us because they need the good grades so they can get scholarship for college. They also have less stress to worry about when they are in foster care, because they do not have to worry about when their next meal will come or when their parents are coming home.

Is there such a thing as a normal child? Well, we all have our own problems and some have it worse than non-foster children. However, foster children might not know when their next meal will be, or they might live in a very bad home. That's where the social workers come in and take them and put them in foster care. The foster parents make sure they are okay and that they have food, a bed to sleep on, and a place that they can feel safe. The foster children get a lot of people involved to make sure they are okay, and people to talk about what happened and they open up. Foster children usually get placed in a great home until their parents get their act together. Sadly, some of the kids never get to see their parents again. The children either waits to get adopted or they stay in the system until they age out, and it is sad, but the kids have to deal with it and lucky they get help, and have a lot of people around them who care and want to see them excess and be the best they can be. Pediatricians play a very important role in foster children lives, they give them a check up and they test them to see about their mental health and physical health. They tell the foster parents how bad it is and what kind of help they need and who they should see. The pediatricians also have to make sure the foster parents can handle the child and the needs for them, some of the foster children need more help than others and that is okay. School is a big part of their life, and when they jump from foster care, to another foster care organization, they move to different schools. Sometimes, before they get into foster care they did not go to school. They tend to be at a higher risk of dropping out of school or not even going to college, most feel like they are behind in school. Part of the reason is because some kids treat them differently. The teachers and the staff of the school try to make the foster kids feel normal and help them out a lot and make sure they graduate from high school. The ones that dropout of school feel like they are not good enough or that they are not smart enough for school. Maybe they think school is not needed, and that it is not intended for them or maybe they are too behind to catch up and they do not want to do the work to catch up. There are those foster kids but the ones that want to better themselves and work hard to be better and not let what happened to them bother them and are not afraid of hard work, are the ones that are destined for greatest. Maybe they want to go to college, but they cannot afford it so they stop there and get a job and work at a low paying job for the rest of their life. Or, they simply apply for scholarships to pay for their college. Their choices might stop going to school , it could be that they feel different, or they can’t pay to have the clothes to fit in. Maybe they don’t have the money to pay for the uniform for band, cheerleading or sports. So they just don’t want to be in school to see their friends or classmates do what they want and they can not do. It is really sad that they go through so much and they feel like they are not smart enough or that they can not afford college. At least they have the principal and the guidance counselors, their doctors, their foster parents, and the social workers to have their back and to make sure they are okay and on the right track and getting their life together.

Their birth parents have a beneficial impact on them, and how they believe people think about them and how they are treated. Some foster children may have been neglected or abused, which causes them to go through a mental trauma. Causing a lot of problems and their mental capabilities and thoughts. Making them have a higher chance to have something mentally wrong with them later in life, after they’ve been neglected or abused as a child. With them being exposed to trauma at an early age in life, it messes with their head. When they get taken away from all that and put into foster care they make sure they are doing better, and that they take them to get help and be able to talk about what happened and they listen to them. Either their parents were abusing them, or shown them violence or neglect and that messing with their head when their brain is still growing and developing. Showing them all the wrong things of what not to do. They get a lot of help and get shown how it was supposed to be like, they have a route at their foster home and they get structure out of it and helps them have a route down and able to follow and give them discipline. The foster parents have to work ten times harder to help the foster children out and to be able to be strong for them and help them though the hard time and sometimes the foster parents don’t get the credit they deserve. All of this extra work put in to foster children’s wellbeing ultimately leads them to adapt better to the real world. People who are not a part of the system, otherwise considered normal. They are often “spoon-fed” and are not exposed to unfortunate life problems like most foster kids are. Thus, they are better equipped for later on in life. Because of foster children’s unfortunate situation, they are given services such as personal doctors, therapists, and so on. These help the child recover and be healthy, which may even place their health higher compared to regular kids. When the normal kids grow up and get out into the real world and figure out what it is like, they tend to freak out and are not able to work hard and get along with people they don’t like at work, or even the work gets too hard. Then the normal kids quit and move back into with their parents’ home where they were raised to see the world as this great place and that it is easy, but its not. However, foster kids are not offered as much luxury, as they have aged out of the system and do not have a family home to run back to. In the view of this, foster children are, in a way, forced to grow up and adapt. They are not granted the privilege of having parents, who are expected to guide you through life. This makes foster children, although at a disadvantage, more ready to live on their own. This, perhaps, could be because they have technically been on their own since being abandoned, and or abuse by their birth parents. In addition, most foster children are moved from school to school. They often fall behind in their education. This can make school feel like a prison. Thus, when these children finish school. Whether by graduating or dropping out, they are more ready than others to forget school and get to work. For foster kids who struggled in school, an area of work can be where they excel, maybe even more than regular children. In contrast, foster kids that do well in school can go on to college and take life into their own hands. At this point, foster kids have had everything chosen for them, until they are old enough to leave the system. This can lead to an eager attitude to do great things in their adult life, since they can now do what they wish. Some of the foster kids throw themselves into school to get away from their troubles and school acts like a safe haven for them, it just depends on the kid and their take on the situation.

Everyone is different when it comes to problems in their life, it sucks that foster children have to go through all that. Sometimes when they get into foster care they move a lot and make them get behind in their learning and they give up or they drop out or they get held back. It’s those special people like the foster parents and the social workers and the teachers and so on that help the kids to have a better life and to show them that they are great. They push them to be the best they can be and when it comes to the normal kids they either get coddled and their parents want them to need them always. It’s not right because it holds them back from being an adult, from them living their life, they need to know that it’s not always easy and they can’t just move back in with their parents unless it’s for a little bit. Foster kids don’t have a place to go after they age out they have to get jobs and do it on their own and figure it out by themselves, but that is what all the help is for when they are in the system. It’s the foster parents that work really hard to make sure that the foster kids are taking care of, they also change their life and give them someone to lean on and get to have clothes and get a better life. Foster parents have a lot of work they have to do and a lot of influence the have on the foster kids, and they make sure that they are okay and have a bed and food and clothes. Foster kids will need to want to get better themselves for it to actually work and be able to work hard and do all they can. Half the time foster kids have a hard time finding a job or somewhere to live because they might not of graduate from high school and it becomes harder to get a job and if no job then no money then no house. That is why they get help and they try to get the foster kids ready and shown that they can do anything they set their mind to, they want to go to college or beauty school or start work right out of high school then so be it. What the normal kids don’t know is that what they major in might have a hard time finding a job for it or it might be really popular so they get taking right away. What they don’t know is that college doesn’t give you a job right away anymore, it takes a lot to be able to get a job some might pick the ones that have been there awhile over getting a new person to do the job. The normal kids get spoon-fed a lot, like the parents buy them a car and they think oh my parents will do anything for me and I do not have to work hard and try because my parents will do it. Foster kids don’t have someone to go back to for help and that can be bad but good also, its bad because it sucks and they could use some answers to how it will work and if they are doing all right. It is good too because they can’t just give up so easily and they will have to work really hard to make it and it will make them stronger has a person. It's a give and take situation for foster kids, you give what you want out of it and if you put in no work then your not going to take anything from it, but if you give a lot you will take a lot from it and be a better person and get their life in order. It is great that foster kids get a lot of help to make sure there mental health is okay and that they have someone to talk to about it, unless they move a lot from foster homes to foster homes. Half the time when they are at school they students don’t know that there are in foster care and just because they are in foster care doesn’t make them different they are just kids trying to be a kid again and trying to find their place in the world. That is why they get help and make sure that they know it is okay and they are safe and that they will have to figure it out when they are adults. The government works really hard to make sure the foster kids get taken away from their birth parents when they treat them wrong by neglect or abuse. The government also makes sure the kids have insurance and get the help they need like their health, they also make sure they get the help they need so they can go to school and have jobs. They also want to make sure they don’t become homeless or like their parents or some crazy person who ends up in jail or in the nut ward. It is crazy how much the government gets involved when they need to and how much the foster parents care and love the foster kids like they are their own kids. The normal kids have just their parents and their family to rely on and to talk to and they still get help too. The foster kids tend to drop out due to falling behind in school from moving a lot or they missed a lot of school because of their birth parents. Sometimes it takes that special person to change someone's life and that is what the social workers and the foster parents and the therapists do. They do their job to help and make a impact on the foster kids and see them do better and go to college and work hard to be the best they can be in the world. Teachers also have an impact on kids life and they can make a difference and changes someone's life just like that and it is amazing, coaches and peers and teams mates all have a impact on someone's life. Counselor’s have major impact and they are there to listen and even if the foster kids don’t what to talk to them they know they are there, and they can call them down and see how they are doing and make sure they are okay and getting settle in school and their new home.

Foster children get better attention on how they are doing and they have to grow up a lot faster than most kids. They have a hard life and their deal of problems but so do everyone. Foster kids work harder than normal kids do, they go through a lot more than anyone could picture. They just need a push to be better and foster care does that for them unlike their birth parents. There is a lot that is wrong with this world because of the people, and they just need help and that is what foster care does for the children they save them from the bad parenting. The foster kids also get a lot of help to make sure they are doing okay. They tend to work harder at school because they need good grades to get scholarships for college so they can prove they are better and that nothing can stop them. They also have less stress to worry about when they are in foster care, because they do not have to worry about when their next meal will come or when their parents are coming home. All they have to worry about is their chores and school work and make sure they get their homework done and talk about their problems. It makes them feel safe to have somewhere to go and don’t have to worry about the abuse or neglect. It is amazing how foster kids rise from what they been through and how strong they have been. Some kids throw themselves in school work or a job and don’t want to talk about it and they do really well in school. Foster children tend to do better living in the world than normal children because they have to grow up and figure it out by themselves. They get help as well, and have someone to talk to about what they been through and they make sure they are okay and that they can be the better person and be able to live on their own and make it in the world. The “normal” kids don’t have that kind of push unless their parents are like that. They also can drop out like foster kids can and they can do a lot of things like foster kids, it depends on the “normal” kids parents. Foster kids don’t deserve to have to go through what they do and they have to go on in a new home with new people it is scary but they do and they are very strong. They go through so much and still work hard to have a better life and be able to go to college and have a great job. They don’t let what happens to them slow down, but there are some that do let it get to them and drop out of school and end up living on the street or even worst in jail. Also “normal” kids could end up the same way, it is all by choice for both of them. They can make the right ones or the wrong ones but foster kids get the help to make the right choices in life, so they adapt better in the world.

16 December 2021
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