Frederic Taylor'S Scientific Method To Management

Frederic Taylor applied the scientific method to management. In many cases, this meant measuring a process to determine its optimal possible output. From your own work experience, name a time you have seen measurement used to manage a process. Examples might include allowing a certain amount of time for a phone call, a project deadline, or even using a formula or recipe.

Do you believe the results were optimal? Taylor’s method acknowledged as “Taylorism” it is a transition based mode to handle management with the view of expanding employee productiveness. (Carpenter, Bauer, & Erdogan, 2010). The advanced working environment has changed definitely throughout the years. Gone are the days when businesses just focused on the significance of results and benefits. While it might at present be an extensive piece of evaluating a representative's advancement, today there are numerous things mulled over when measuring the productivity of workers. Now I would like to share an experience at my workplace where I have experienced measurement used to manage a process. It was in last year when my boss used measurement to figure out the employee satisfaction. My boss always believes that dissatisfied staffs entail loss of productivity at work.

So he did an experiment on for 3 weeks. He decided that he would burden us with extra work during the first week, he forced some of the employees to work longer than the normal hour. He realized that some of his employees raised their voice against his policy indirectly and few of them even considered to leave the organization. And in the second week, we had much less work than our daily work schedule, my boss did even let some of his employees to leave the office earlier, in the second week some of us started feeling insecure about losing their jobs and for which they were unable to concentrate on the job. And from the third week, he brought us back to our normal activity. He invited us all to the team meeting and he told us about his intentional experiments which all of us was completely unaware. So he told us that he wanted us to measure what work environments makes his employees satisfied.

I believe the result was quietly effective because, since the measurement my boss knew exactly what keep his employees motivates to work for him, he did even reduce the work schedule half an hour from 8 hours to 7.30 hour. He placed a new employee suggestion box who are unable to express their innovative idea in front of a group.

03 December 2019
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