An Overview of My Favorite TV Show "Friends"

The TV show ‘Friends’ is a classic in the history of American comedies. Directed by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, this sitcom was first aired on the 22nd of September in 1994 with an impeccable run in the world of television for a decade. With the kind of series it was, there was hardly a person in the late 90’s and early 20’s who had not heard about this show. The writing of the show was a tad bit formulaic although its use of attention-grabbing dialogue and innovate jokes were a nice change of pace from the norm. The set’s decoration, music, setting, camera, and sound effects all contributed significantly to the quality of ‘friends’. Most of all, the balanced chemistry between all the talented actors alongside a brilliant script written by Crane was an absolute icing on the cake. That's why I want to share with you my thoughts about this TV show in "My Favorite TV Show "Friends": Essay".

It was successful in representing the typical life of young friends in the 90’s who eat, work, sleep and struggle together in their mid-twenties, searching for jobs, navigating relationships, and building better lives for themselves. Aside from the friendship the characters share between them, there is something more to offer to the audiences through the character's individual life.

“I’ll be there for you when the rain starts to pour. I’ll be there for you like I’ve been there before. I’ll be there for you, ‘cause you’re there for me too”. This series starts off with this incredible theme lyrics where all six friends dance, laugh, and enjoy. The lyrics itself speaks about friends who support each other in every situation with no selfishness at all. This show focused on how the friendship between all the characters – Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross – is maintained and preserved. The group of these five friends portrays an idealistic definition of friendship.

The friendship between Rachel and Monica – two different people who have so many differences yet complete each other in every possible way. The way how they understand each other back each other and love each other is how people feel when they are around their best buddies. The fights, yet the makeups, the fun of living together and so on is so realistic among them. Phoebe fits so perfectly with them. Every group of a friend has that one odd friend who is a little weird with crazy ideas, yet you cannot live without that person. The group would be incomplete without someone like that. As for Ross, the relationship he shares with his sister is admirable. It portrays perfectly how siblings are. They fight, they have family issues but yet love each other so much. He and Chandler are the typical college buddies who have known each other for a while. But the best friendship, admittedly, none other than that of Chandler and joey. It is much more than the friendship between two roommates. They show the best kind of friendship that any two men can have. These are friends who are with you all the time, good all around and share the best memory of your life. The show was so well accepted because of how the friendship hits the audiences and the chemistry between the cast is presented.

One of the most influential characters throughout the series is Monica Geller. She wants everything to be perfect - either it is a room full of furniture or any relationship. She always has a plan and does everything with according to it taking everything into consideration. She has been the one who has spoken to everyone and cares about what they are doing and give some suggestion in case they need. She reaches out by herself for helping others. She showed to be a good sister and a good friend. The relationship between her and chandelier showed the best kind of relationship starts from friendship. And not to forget, she was the one who proposed chandelier which was something hard to witness around 90’s. She taught it is ok to go a great distance for what you love. Ross started as a troubled romantic, failing marriage and somewhat attention seeking character. But he taught us it’s okay to fail. The things you may fail doesn’t have to be something you don’t deserve. He had failed marriages not one but three. But he never gave up, that failed marriage did not stop him from loving someone again. A very big lesson most of us have to learn today. He showed that being insecure in the past cannot mean you can't change. He was ready to accept that Joey might be his daughter's step-father, eventually. He has always loved Rachel, despite she being with others and to be frank even Rachel has done the same for him. But what he really taught us to do anything for your soulmate and never let them go out of your life.

The first and clear thing anyone would remember about Phoebe is her craziness. She really put out a word that being crazy is totally fine, but not in a bad way. She taught us, how to stand up for what we believe despite what others may say or think. She also followed singing which others didn't seem to like, but her who cares, I love its attitude is something we must learn and also inculcate. She did a lot of things for her step-brother and she really loved him and her pursuit to find her father and real mom, showed all of us family means a lot. Rachel was rich, spoilt and arrogant and she showed how anyone can change in such a good human being and how to follow your dreams right from scratch. She stood up against her father in multiple occasions, not to just argue but to show that he has to listen to her opinions too. She taught that it is okay to start over in a new place if you have the right friends to support you. She also showed that it's okay to be a single mom despite you not knowing anything. And you can be so totally in love and at the same time not come in way of your loved ones being happy. Joey showed that no matter no one believes in your passion, if you keep working hard enough you will win it all. Also to keep your mouth shut and not boast when it is not necessary. He and Chandler set an example of how best friends are, caring, believing their friends, helping them out when they need you, money is not something you bring in-between friendship. Despite Chandler cheating with his girlfriend, he was ready to forgive him with his box treatment, though he showed that he didn't want to. He is a genuine true friend who actually gave some very heartfelt advice to everyone. He knows how it is to be truly lonely and he kinda taught us to find someone whom we love and settle with them before it's too late. Also, it's okay to not know everything.

Chandler has been the most awkward person when it came to love, family, accepting the truth and following his dreams. But he worked his way through all of this by the end of the show. He was not happy about both his dad or his mom as they had left a huge trauma in his childhood but he came to terms with both of them and loved them both keeping the differences aside. Having a continuously failing relationship with a woman and always having to run at Janet, he slowly became the best person after falling in love with Monica to such an extent that be showed signs of so much maturity and understanding in a relationship. He was scared of commitment, but his love made him overcome that when the right time came. He even decided to move to another city just so that his wife doesn't have to give up on her dreams. A man valuing his wife's opinions and dreams, something every man has to learn to do. He pursued his dream quite late in his life, showing there is no specific age or time to really do what we love. The casts taught us a lot. They never failed to entertain us with their timing sarcasm and humor, and inspire us with their eternal friendship bond.

We can draw many life lesson things like believing in friends, giving our love an another chance, never giving up in our dreams and so on from their life but 10 season is all they took to teach us everything. This is the reason why this series is still been watched over and over again. According to the Article “Friends for ever: Why we're still loving the hit TV show 20 years on” published on October 2013 by Michelle Davis – a British author, after a decade of this series being officially ended.

01 April 2020
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