Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Magical Realism In One Hundred Years Of Solitude

In One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical realism, turns from a naïve utopia to the reality of the Latin American culture. Where the political and social problems expand. Where political wars can separate the country and the people. Magic of realism can be a literary structure in which ordinary, bizarre, and dreamlike testimonies are related as if the occasions were not unusual. Magic realism is the alternative of the 'as soon as-once-upon-a-time' fashion of tale-telling wherein the writer emphasizes the excellent satisfactory of imaginary events. within the international of magic realism, the narrator speaks of the surreal so evidently, it becomes real. Magic realism in its literary and artistic packages aimed to re-imagine the sector and its truth. It isn't always an escapist mission however as a substitute a possibility to peer the tremendous in the everyday. There are multiple stylistic tendencies of magic realism. The important thing, however, is a rejection of subjectivity and emotionalism, simultaneity of beyond, present and future and defamiliarization. However, these traits distinguish magic realism from the delusion style. In delusion novels, the created global ought to have an inner common sense. 

Gabriel Marquez’s cautiously balances sensible factors of life, like poverty and housecleaning, with outrageous times, like a levitating priest. there are numerous functions to this. One is to introduce the reader to Marquez's Colombia, where myths, portents, and legends exist facet by means of aspect with generation and modernity. Some other purpose for this leads the reader to question what's actual and what's terrific, especially in the realm of politics. It's far too force to question the absurdity of our everyday lives. The twisted and meandering world of politics is beneath a high-quality deal of scrutiny in this novel, particularly the chapters that cope with Colonel Aureliano Buendia. the arena of politics is a depressing one. there's a little distinction among the Liberals and the Conservatives; each event kills and exploits the human beings. Even though Marquez has a specific anti-capitalist bent, his cause in portraying the politics of the region is not to be polemical. alternatively, he remarks on how the character of Latin American politics is toward absurdity, denial, and in no way-finishing repetitions of tragedy. The extremely good activities and characters are fabricated. but the message that Marquez intends to supply explains a real record. The politically charged violence characteristic of Colombia’s statistics is paralleled in Colonel Aureliano Buendia who wages warfare in competition to the Conservative who is facilitating the upward thrust of overseas imperialist to power. By using Garcia Marquez makes 100 Years of Solitude a top-notch instance of magical realism. Now not most effective are the sports of the story an interweaving of reality and fiction, but the novel tells the history of Colombia from an essential attitude. in this manner, the unconventional compress numerous centuries of Latin American history right into an ability text. 

Gabriel Garcia Marquez does not just simply write this story for fun, it has an importance with the way the story is informed. The way he depicts Colonel Aureliano Buendia dealing with a firing squad inside the opening chapter of the story is an important detail. although the first chapters are a glimpse inside the beyond of Colonel Buendia, his own family, and the town of Macondo, it isn't till the same scene from the start repeats in chapter seven that the temporal line comes around complete circle for the first time. 'Then the aluminum glow of dawn disappeared and he saw himself again in short pants, wearing a tie around his neck, and he saw his father leading him into the tent on a splendid afternoon, and he saw ice.” In short words Gabriel noticed that life repeats itself and it is a circle of life that has a continuation of tragic fates and history repeating with their children and grandchildren. The writer also makes use of magic realism to explain the effect those civil wars have on soldiers. Colonel Aureliano Buendia’s body manifests what his thoughts has end up. 'An inner coldness which shattered his bones and tortured him even in the heat of the sun, would not let him sleep for several months, until it became a habit” (Garcia Marquez, 166). The regular killing and combating violence had change his heart, to the point that he became desensitized to the violence. He had forgotten what he became simply what was the purpose or reason he was fighting for. Sadly, this is a fact that many soldiers had seen the desperate measures of the political wars. The guerillas in Colombia have turn out to be such part of normal life, that the motive at the back of the conflicts has been forgotten, and, the rest of the world has come to be desensitized to the fights. 

In conclusion, One Hundred Years of Solitude include realism and magic which appear in the beginning to be opposites; there, in truth, perfectly reconcilable. Each are important in an effort to carry Marquez’s particular concept of the arena. Marquez’s novel displays fact no longer as it's far skilled through one observer, but as it's miles in my view experienced by people with one of a kind background. these multiple views are suitable to the precise fact of Latin America — stuck between modernity and pre-industrialization; torn via the civil conflict and ravaged by imperialism — wherein the experiences of human beings range an awful lot more than they might in a greater homogenous society. via magical realism, he conveys a reality that carries magic, superstition, faith, and records which might be easily infused into the sector. 

16 December 2021
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