Government Indian Policy In Canada

Policies are the rules and principles made by the government to reach to its long-term goals published in the booklets that is widely spread. Beside the Bible and U.S constitution policies there are various other policies formed by the governments of different countries. Same there is Government Indian policy in Canada (The white paper 1969) made for Indian people living in Canada.

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The goal of GOVERNMENT INDIAN POLICY IN CANADA is to make Indian people image of European manners and values equally eliminating their separate culture. It’s difficult to be an Indian a man with different needs, culture and language, set value to different world. It states that to be Canadian Indian means different in law and government policies. Also, difficult to develop Indian culture in an environment legally and equally with other Canadians.

Government believe that Indian people should have equal status, opportunities, rights and responsibilities as other Canadians. This was made after intensive discussion with Indian people throughout Canada.

  1. Background: Programs for Indians were reviewed by the government to know the present situation of Indian peoples and their needs. A knowledge and experience of people has shown that there was time to change the long-standing policies and this meeting was in Ottawa in April.
  2. New policy: The policy incudes the Indian people have full right to participate in culture, regions and political life of Canada.
    • Discrimination must be removed between the peoples.
    • Services for Indian will come from same government agencies.
    • Commissioner will be appointed by the government to contact and consult with Indians from time to time, study and make them to accept all procedure made.
  3. Immediate steps: Government believe that some policies are necessary and could take place immediately while other may be implied later. The new policy made gave Indian a good change to expand and develop.

Case for new policy

Improvement in education, health, housing and welfare has been noticed in last 10 years. The government believe that new progress can come if they met new responses.

Legal structure

Discrimination should be removed as it is necessary to end distinction between Indians and other Canadians. Although the goal cannot be achieved easily but it requires a change in economic circumstances of the Indian people.

Indian culture heritage

Canada is made up of many people with many cultures. Also, it is important that Canadian recognize and give credit to Indian culture. Firstly, Indian people were given two choices: they could live in reserved community or they could leave their Indian identity. But now there is a third choice as they could live without losing their Indian identity. This choice offers great hope for Indian people.

Programs and services

Services come from the same government agencies for all Canadians. At first Indian people and their communities were out of framework of wide range of services. But now government believes that services should be provided on equal basis.

Implementation of new policy

Indian association: Successful implementation of this policy would create close relationship with Indian community. Needs and conditions were noticed from province to province as the needs and adjustments would be different in each case.

Transitional period: The government believe that all necessary arrangements and financial can be included so that Indians can have full access services. A policy can never provide solution for a problem but can achieve more than people desire. It will provide freedom atmosphere, culture with other Canadians.

How do policies communicate corporate culture? Culture policy are the rules and procedures carried by government that regulate, protect and support activities related to arts, history, languages and heritage. Negative, positive and neutral are the three classifications made on how cooperate treat with their employees and customers and other people. Negative is indicated as dangerous environment where a person, employee or customer may not feel good and comfortable to works. Whereas positive may create good environment, truly value a person culture and their relationship. Neutral is a treatment given what a customer or employee pays for. Policy is important for attracting people, employee and customers equally.

13 January 2020

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