Government & Politics – The Best Course Choice For Me

There has never been a more divisive and fascinating time in politics than there is today. With the rise of the far-right in Western politics, the socialist Labour leader in the UK, and the election of President Trump, it seems that people are becoming more involved and more polarised in their politics. For as long as I can remember, I've been intrigued by political and ethical issues, however the 2016 Brexit referendum was when my interest increased almost exponentially. The unpredictability of the result and politics' ability to unite and divide people was what sparked my interest and inspired me to choose it as one of my 3 A-Level subjects. Studying Government & Politics has also led to me taking part in local politics, attending talks and asking questions to Amber Rudd and Caroline Lucas, and partaking in the 2017 model UN event (MUNGA) in Liverpool. This involved each team of students acting as delegates from a certain country, my chosen country being South Korea due to the relations at the time with North Korea, and due to their high rates of student mental health issues and suicide- one of the issues chosen to be discussed on the agenda.

Activities such as these have aided in broadening my knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject, and have allowed me to experience a whole different array of views. This is has always been important to me in order to help make logical and rational decisions, as I have learned how to appreciate and value the opinions of others. My travels abroad have helped spark my interest in foreign politics, in particular my visits to the USA. Walking around Philadelphia and visiting the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution interested me greatly, partly thanks to my love of history. This has helped me notice a strong link between history and politics, such as a number of similarities between the Labour leader at the time of the 1983 election Michael Foot, and the current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. In my opinion, finding similarities is important for increasing my understanding and attempting to predict the political climate, as it seems politics loosely follows various patterns. My ability to cooperate with others has also been instilled by my tennis, which I have played for 6 years.

One of the uttermost important elements to a doubles match is communication between you and your partner. Without this, a game becomes extremely hard to win. Furthermore, being in multiple bands with my friends and performing with Calday Jazz Band has helped show me many valuable skills such as teamwork, commitment and hard work. This is reflected in my long-term love of both drumming and bass guitar, the former I have played for 7 years and I am grade 8 in the latter. Moreover, I have participated in the "Schools' Challenge" -an annual quiz competition- every year since year 7, reaching the national finals at Westminster School in 2016. In the past I have taken on a plethora of volunteering roles. These have included helping at my local Cub Scouts group for over a year, and at a local charitable organisation named 'Orion Club', which is a weekly gathering for those with severe disabilities. I have also been chosen for both Prefect and Vice House Captain in my school's collegiate system, which has required me to take lead roles in multiple assemblies.

Furthermore, I am deputy-chairman of our very active school council group, leading to me having meetings with the Governors of the school. These roles have allowed me to grow more confident in public speaking, and in dealing with people and issues in a fair and cogent manner. The mercurial nature of politics has only ever made me more compelled to study it further, and perhaps enter the political sphere rather than remaining as a spectator.

15 July 2020
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