Grey's Anatomy: Real Way to Escape Reality

As someone who was never, and I mean never a television lover, the fact that one singular show can make me go through twenty emotions within forty minutes. If that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is. I can already see many people thinking, “Brooke, it isn’t hard watching a television show. You literally just sit there and watch the show.” No, no, no, it is not that simple. Greys Anatomy takes great skill to watch as there are twists and turns every minute. It takes great skill to appreciate this masterpiece. Plus, there might or not be seventeen seasons, so you are going to need tons of time to invest in the medicine show.

To get this out of the way, you need to understand what Grey's Anatomy is. Just glancing at the title, anatomy should stick out as this is referring to the human anatomy. This should cause a click in your neurons in your brain. The connection should be made that the human anatomy is related to biology, most usually, medicine. Therefore, this show has something to do with medicine. If you made that connection, congrats! You’re not a complete doofus. However, if you are that lazy, you can just search up the synopsis on Google. To out this as simple as possible, Grey's Anatomy follows our protagonist Meredith Grey throughout her years to become one of the most reliable general surgeons in the USA. She goes through many turbulences, including professional setbacks and many romantic roadblocks. It’s an easy show to binge as you get so invested in these imaginary lives that you sometimes forget that yours even exists.

The first step to becoming a self-acclaimed surgeon is to find the right program to watch Greys. I personally prefer Netflix as all the seasons are on there, except for the newest one which is still currently airing on cable. Obviously, start watching from episode one and work your way through the seasons. Luckily, Netflix also offers you a short synopsis of each episode so if you forget what is going on, it is very simple to catch up. Before even playing the first episode you need to find a comfy spot to watch the show. Makes sure you’re not bending your neck constantly as it is very easy to watch five episodes in one sitting. Also, you need to find the perfect snacks. Can’t watch anything without munching on something. I usually devour popcorn, especially the one you can buy at the convenience store on Gateway. It’s stupidly amazing. Or some soft things like fruit can suffice as you’ll be eating like a pig during binging and might as well keep the calories down. Be sure to have all the snacks prepped. It’s the most annoying thing in the world having to open bag my bag while trying to watch a show.

By far the most crucial thing needed is tissues. I prefer the soft tissues that contain a tiny bit of moisturizer in them, so my nose does not get dried out. Because trust me, many issues are going to be needed. Grey's Anatomy is notorious for killing off many of their main characters which are indeed sad, but watching these innocent patients die can sometimes be sadder. Trust me, I won't reveal spoilers but watching these patients die from realistic scenarios that happen on a daily makes you question our morality and health care systems. This is more referred to as the US health care system as we are very fortunate to be in Canada. Tough decisions also come into play especially when they must choose whose life should be saved over the other. Do we look at their income? Their age? Their family? These are literally life or death situations, and this show does an amazing job to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The final step on how to watch Grey's Anatomy is to watch the show. I gave you all the steps leading up to watching it, but how do you actually watch the show? It’s fairly simple to watch a show. You look at the screen and see everything that is going on. But how do you enjoy a show? Pay attention, imagine if you were living in that world and you were trying to become a world-class surgeon. Having this mentality makes it possible to invest in all these characters and feel like you’re growing up right beside them. You’ll start sweating when the patient starts to crash looking for the nurse to give you the paddles so you can save a life. That adrenaline you feel coursing through your veins when you watch your comrades save a person’s life and the heartbreak you feel every time your favorite couple breaks up. I never thought I would ever get this invested in a show, yet here I am. I start screaming internally when Derek Shepard saves yet another life with an almost impossible surgery. I feel happiness everywhere when I see Mark finally realizes who he truly loves. My love for Meredith Grey never falters and I am always ecstatic whenever I see her pull through on every situation that life has thrown at her.

Grey's Anatomy isn’t just a favorite show that people watch. It's a great way to escape reality for a few hours and feel deep emotions for these flawed characters. Yes, behind the scenes are just the actors doing a great job portraying their character, but even the actors have stated that they sometimes feel their characters resonate with them during their daily lives. Many people have gotten so much happiness from this show, and it could be you too. All you have to do is give it a chance.

07 July 2022
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