Gun Control And School Shootings In The United States

In America firearms have been a piece of the nation's general public since its introduction to the world. Stricter handgun control laws and licensing are necessary to save lives. Back in the day many of our ancestors were able to use guns because of the time period but not only that they used gun for the security of their families and to protect our county. Today there are many issues arising because of the lack of gun control laws. People in today’s time like to shoot up schools and kill each other just because they have a gun to do so. In the United States, gun control is one of the most sought out issues. If we had stricter gun control laws folks get licensed, then so be it that’s how we have to do it.

Like handgun owners, dealers interested in obtaining a Federal Firearms License must be at least 21 years of age. They must have premises for conducting business and must alert a local law enforcement official at the time of submitting their applications to the federal bureau that regulates firearms. Just like gun owners, they must fulfill the same criteria regarding their history of prior convictions and mental state. In the United States today many people don’t feel as if it’s a privilege to have a gun they feel like their obligated to have it so they go out and get it and use it for unnecessary bad crime. There are individuals utilizing guns for the wellbeing of themselves and there are other people who use them for violations, just as for different circumstances. Gun passing’s in the United States have gradually been going away year after year with so many new bills being passed I guess they don’t have to look over the gun crime rate over the past 20 years. Firearms are also the main thing that teens use when they feel as if they have no position in this world. Since the year of 2010 there have been more than 2,711 deaths caused by the single violent act of using a gun. Many of these school shootings have derived from the fact that kids are being bullied or don’t feel loved like most other children so they arrange to come to a school and shoot kids up so that they can’t live happy lives with their families and people try to write it off as a mental disorder but is it really?

Yes! The amendment to the 1968 Gun Control Act known as the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 requires holders of to conduct a background check. Potential firearm purchasers fill out a federal form known as the ATF 4473 it checks for prior convictions and other red flags. FFL holders then use the information provided on the form in the background check.

Many people believe that limiting the access of guns will help save the lives of millions, others insist that it would actually do the opposite by preventing law abiding citizens from defending themselves against armed criminals. Mass shootings have become everyday thing in the United States something has to change. They also believe that firearms should be restricted from everybody unless they are military or police, they want this to happen because they think it would make this world a safer place. Firearms ought to be prohibited to take away mass shootings and lower crime rates. This has sparked many conversations over the past few years in the media especially because of the rising school shooting mass murders that occur every year.

“Every town tracks each time a gun releases a live round inside or into a school building or on or onto a school grounds or grounds, as recorded by the press. Episodes in which firearms were brought into schools however not released are excluded. The guide reflects occurrences that brought about death or damage just as those in which nobody was harmed. Media reports are the essential wellspring of the data gave”.

Many kids suffer from depression because they’re constantly being bullied by their peers. Many of these kids end up killing themselves or trying to take away the life of many of kids because of their pains. Many parents and students feel as if the school’s response to these shooting is inappropriate, if at all, to reported incidents of bullying. Many adults don't recognize the extent of bullying that children face every day. The warning signs are being missed and if you just opened up your mouth and talked to your child at least five minutes a day then things could be solved. The way to stop school violence is to stop the bullying in the school. There is too large of a focus on security. The little things that are often over looked are often the things that cause a major problem.

Most states require permits to carry handguns. Concealed carry and open carry vary by state. Some states allow residents to carry handguns without permits.

“Studies have shown that many children feel safe at schools that have emergency courses or actions set up in case of a real emergency. Just about 100 percent of understudies who guarantee that their schools have a decent emergency course of action feel safe or generally safe in their schools, however just 81 percent of understudies who don't feel that their schools have a decent arrangement feel exceptionally protected or moderately safe in their schools.” 

This is how we can see signs of a school shooter and not be terrified to go get some help this could help somebody from committing the greatest mistake of their life and help spare the lives of innocent individuals. Many parents should step up and stop damaging their children or hindering their children from being who they were destined to be. Taking your kids feelings into consideration and never tarnishing their name to others will always help in the long run. When you aren't in your child’s life and fully trying to comprehend what's going on with them that could possibly make them feel lost inside and no matter how busy our lives are with our jobs and activities that we do in our extra time guardians have the right to know what we are going through even in our darkest days, regardless of whether it’s just for a half hour, each time that we show love can be a key for our youth and making them feel wanted so that they won’t have to do thing such as going to shoot up the school.

“Public health and mental health experts counter that blaming the violence on the mentally ill is unfair and inaccurate, pointing instead to lax gun laws. “Most violence is not committed by people who are mentally ill,” “Even if you took everyone who had any kind of mental illness and locked them up and gave them meds, it would hardly make a dent on the problem of violence.” 

“On the off chance that there were three lethal shootings for each year including the wrong individual getting their hands on one of these weapons, or an exasperate school staff part, we would be directly back where we began. These are horrendous potential outcomes, yet conceivable outcomes that anybody contending for more firearms on school grounds must consider”.

Many believe that guns should be strictly controlled, some believe that no laws at all could seriously damage ours. New gun laws will be able to create a safer environment for everyone in the United States, but also because it is the best way to get things under control. There are some people that believe in no gun control laws at all, and that the government is trying to take all of the guns away, which I don't believe to be true and there are others like me that believe that the government has every right to make as many gun laws as it wants to and that they’re just trying to protect us. Many acts of mass violence are a scary issue everybody might want to run away from. More firearms in the hands school staff could possibly decrease the amount of school killings. Even if it is just a little at least we stood up and made a change. Having guns on school grounds could help out greatly if the staff got trained or not even all the staff have guns but at least one teacher on every corner should be trained. 

09 March 2021
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