Harry Edward Styles and One Direction

People who might not know one of the most famous bands in the world who are in hiatus right now might as well know this charming curly-haired pop hero who has also acted in a movie called Dunkirk and a movie about one direction called This is us.

Harry Edward Styles was born on February 1, 1994, in Evesham, Worcestershire, England. When he was seven, his parents divorced and Harry and his older sister Gemma were brought up in the village of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, by their mum Anne and he has been incredibly close to his mom ever since.

Before his life changed in the X-factor, he already had a keen interest in music being the lead singer in his school band called the White Eskimo. The band entered a battle of bands competition about one and a half years before going to the X-factor auditions called “summer of 69”. They won the competition and that is where he got the interest in singing and he got motivated and that is what encouraged him to be what he is right now. In the X factor audition, he sang a part of a song called “isn’t she lovely”, and the judges liked him except for one named Louise. He said that he liked Harry but he was too young and not that confident to perform on stage and that is why he said no. The whole audience disagreed with him. He with his other future band mates made it through to the boot camp round but then they all got eliminated at the last stage. Then the judges called them Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louise Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik back on stage with the other 4 girls. There they announced that the boy group and the girl group were put together and given one more chance as they didn’t want to lose them as they had so much talent and they didn't want to let go of that talent. The boys were happier than ever to get back in the competition as a group. Then they became best friends. They went all the way to the semi-finals and then got eliminated and got the 3rd place but they still went on with the band. After the x-factor season ended One direction with other participants in the x-factor participated in the x-factor live tour throughout the United Kingdom. After finishing the x-factor they were promptly signed by Syco Records, a British record label operating through a partnership with Sony Music.

After they finished the tour they started working on their first debut album called Up all night. It was recorded in Britain, Sweden, and the United States. It was released n November 2011 making One direction world famous. In December 2011 they went on a concert tour to The United Kingdom and visited Australia and North America. Their tickets were sold the minute they got up for sale.

After the overwhelming success of their debut album, One Direction released a concert DVD which topped the world charts, and the book, One Direction: Where We Are which opened up at number one on the Sunday Times Best Seller list. Their lead single What Makes You Beautiful won the 2012 Brit Award for Best British Single. One Direction also won three Teen Choice Awards nominations. In spring 2012 the group began to work on their second album Take Me Home, which was released six months later. Its lead single is the song Live While We're Young. In December 2012, the star team performed in a headlining sold-out show at New York City's Madison Square Garden and after that went on the accompanying concert tour consisting of over 100 shows. As always, their live performances had great success. In December 2013 they recorded another film called this is us which was about themselves and within 3 days of it going up on the market more than 270 000 copies of the same were sold beating the world record by Michael Jackson’s documentary concert film this is it with 10,000 copies sold. In April 2014 the band went to their third headlining concert called where we are in Milan and they released the 4th album called FOUR. The album debuted at number one in 18 countries and on the Billboard 200 chart. The accompanying concert tour was called On the Road Again Tour. Since April 2015, the number of One Direction members reduced to four. The group said its farewell to Zayn Malik. Harry was so broken that he couldn’t even stop crying on stage as they announced his departure as they were so close to each other in the band and it was very hard to say goodbye to one.

In January 2016 the whole band decided to take a break and went on a hiatus. Now Harry is a solo artist who has many great hits, one of the greatest being the Sign of the times. He is also an actor and he recently acted in a world war II movie called Dunkirk. Just before making the film though, he said goodbye to his long hair which he grew for years, and gave it to a charity which was used to make wigs for people who are suffering in cancer.

Harry Styles’ family consists of his mom Anne, his sister Gemma, his father Desmond, his stepfather twist, his stepsister Amy and his stepbrother Mike. Even though Harry is not married he has a long and impressive list of love affairs. When he was 15 he dated a girl called Felicity Skinner for a year. Then stopped after the X-factor auditions. In 2011 he started dating a show presenter called Caroline Flack who was 15 years older than Harry. So at that time he dated a woman almost double his age. Then they broke up cause the community was being very negative towards Caroline. From October 2012 to January 2013c he started dating Taylor Swift, an American singer. When they broke up Harry wrote a song about Taylor Swift called Perfect in Collaboration with Louise Tomlinson, and Taylor wrote 2 songs about Harry called Style and Out Of The Woods. In 2013 Harry was often seen with Kendall Jenner. They went on a vacation together with Harry’s Family and one of his friends. Then they had to break up as the relationship was not so stable for their tight work schedules. Then they were seen again in 2016 on a romantic date in a restaurant in Los Angeles. Rumors are not included.

07 July 2022
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