Hidden Figures: Film`s Fundamental Principles

The movie Hidden Figures focuses on three women named Dorothy Vaughn, Marry Jackson, and Katherine Johnson who faced racism and sexism. I think this movie would be limitational for African-Americans and people who have faced racism before. It is my pleasure to share Hidden figures with you.

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This movie is based on the book Hidden figures. The American dream and the untold story of the black women who helped win the space race. Mary Katherine and Dorothy are played by the incredibly talented Janelle monàe (Mary) Taraji P. Henson (Katherine) Octavia Spencer (Dorothy). Many thanks to fox 2000 pitchers Chernin entertainment for producing the movie.

The story of 3 female African-American mathematicians who served avital roles during the early years of NASA. Katherine Johnson is a mathematician whose calculations of orbital mechanics as a NASA employee were critical to the success of the first and many more US spaceflights. Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary crossed all gender, race, and professional lines while their brilliance and desire to dream big.

When making this film it was a challenge to know the full story and make the right decision in what part of cut. The movie took place during a time in the US when black and white people were separated and black people were treated unfairly. Some aspects of the plot were made more emotional to make some scenes more dramatic.

Music in the movie was important as it also sets the emotional view to the audience. During the movie, you will see that when the African-Americans are together the music is upbeat as they enjoy their time together whereas to when they are with white people the music is quiet, low, and dull.

While this film has a message of important events that triggered the breakdown of racial barriers, the film is also full of those striving to be included in the workplace. The treatment of the African-Americans women, known as the colored women having to use separate bathrooms and coffee jugs was not effective. For Katherine, she would spend half an hour walking to the bathroom every time she needed to go to the toilet. This obstacle was impacting a lot of talented people. when Katherine was questioned on her absence from her desk and she spoke up about the ‘colored bathroom’ the sign we removed and they were able to use any toilet.

This message was really important for me to communicate in this film. I wanted to show the audience how African-American women were treated in the 1960s. these mathematical talented ladies were also battling for their rights. This film was not only about putting their first man into space it was about racism and how these women were treated.

Thank you to Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary for letting us tell their story to show the audience the discrimination they faced at work. I’m sure you’ll agree that the discrimination these women had to deal with should be shared in the film. I would also like to thank 2000 pictures, Chernin entertainment, and produces Donna, Peter, Jenno, and Pharrell, without you this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for coming to the premiere tonight. I hope you enjoy the film.    

29 April 2022

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