Historical Accuracy In Movie Hercules

Historical accuracy in movies is very important because I can make the movie feel more real concerning Hercules it is a cartoon so it can’t really feel that real but its historical accuracy of the arts is extremely accurate. From the pottery, sculptures, and the painting all seen in the movie they are all inspired or references of already existing Greek art.

“Hercules” the movie is very accurate when it comes to its art and architecture throughout the whole story, we see multiple references to all different types of Greek art as well as being accurate with the gods such as Zeus, Hades, and Hercules. Throughout the story, we see Greek vases used as decoration and to tell the story of Hercules and how he defeated the titans. These vases were one of the most popular type of artwork in the time of ancient grease. These vases were made of terracotta and they used liquid clay as paint to tell stories of the gods and to make designs on the vases. Most of the time in the movie they used the black figure technique which is black figures and patterns painted on a red background which was found around 625-600 B.C.E. as you can see in the images below the ancient vases from Greece is very similar to the one from the movie even down to the pose the Hercules is in which also tell the Greek story of the Nemean Lion which was a part of Hercules 12 labors. Which furthers the accuracy of this movie even more. When it comes to architecture in Hercules its extremely historically accurate when it is compared to the real architecture of Greece such as the Caryatids which can been seen when meg and the muses sing “I won’t say I’m in Love” the muses turn into a replica of the Caryatids which is comprised of women shaped columns which are some of the most famous sculptures in Greece. 

These temples were usually made of marble and dedicated to the godlike the Erechtheion which was dedicate to two gods so it had two sides to it the first being Boutes the other being Athena the goddess of wisdom and the hunt on one side which is the side that has the Caryatids on it. Another piece of work that can be seen both in Hercules and in real world Greece is the Venus De Milo we first see it in the movie still having both of her arms but in a completely different position then what the real Venus De Milo was in another different is on how she lost her arms as in the movie she lost her arms because Hercules threw a rock as it causing her arms to fall off which probably didn’t happen in real life. But besides those very small differences the sculptures are pretty much identical 

07 July 2022
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