History of Ballet: from the Beginning to Nowadays

Ballet is a beautiful type of dance used to convey emotions or stories. It is performed using precise and extremely formalized steps. Some people believe it is true art because it is graceful. There are so many people that put their heart and soul into it. Throughout history, ballet has been seen in lots of ways, and there have also been lots of amazing dancers like King Louis XIV and more. Ballet is an artistic dance using precise highly formation. This type of dance also helps a lot with emotional and mental health.

In the 15th century, ballet had to go through court due to people not accepting of it. After this, King Henry and his wife, Catherine de Medici began funding ballet in the French court. King Henry ll encouraged the people to make ballet grow in their society. King Louis XIV helped ballet grow due to his love for dancing. Moving on to the 16th century time, ballet and dancing started to become more popular. In 1661 a dance academy opened in Paris. The dance academy was founded by King Louis XIV. Louis was also known as the Sun King. He was known as this because he had appeared as the “Sun god,Apollo in la ballet de la nuit”. When he was at the age of 15, he became one of the first professional theatre dancers. He was one of the first males who danced ballet. Many people knew him by the way he had with his dancing, and how he made it look so peaceful. Others enjoyed watching his performances because by the end of it they would always get this feeling of joy.

Now moving onto the 19th century, Mile de La Fontaine is known as the first precessional ballet dancer. She wasn’t looked like a professional dancer at first. Her brother was Charles ll, king of England, and she was married to Monsieur the brother of King Louis XIV. When she was nine she had her first ever performance in ballet de cour. Her first entry song was “Nopces de Pelee et de Thetis as Erato. As the years passed by her ballet career slowly started ending. How did her ballet career start ending ? Mile de La Fontaine got married, and then pregnant. During the time she was pregnant she was forbidden to assist any early ballet. Then after she had her baby, exactly 15 months later, she unexpectedly passes away.

Nowadyas ballet has been proven that it helped teenagers, adults and children with physical, emotional, and mental health. It has been proven. Researchers studied more than 100 teenage girls with depression or anxiety. Half of the girls were attending ballet classes weekly, and the other half wasn’t. After eight months the dance classes ended. The researchers found that the girls that had taken the dances classes had better health, their mood had changed, and that they act also had changed into a more positive person. The other half of the girls were the same. But it doesn’t just help teenagers; it also helps seniors with their health.

In general, ballet as an art movement and as a form of classical dance has long history. It gave to the world lots of famous ballet dancers, music and dance techniques. Nowadays ballet is not only a form of art, but also a way of getting healthy in different ways.                                                            

07 July 2022
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