How Disney Implemented Customer-centric Information Technology In Order To Emulate Slogan "Happiest Place On Earth"

The purpose of the journal ss to determine how Disney implemented customer-centric information technology in order to emulate their own slogan "happiest place on earth", by providing their guest more real-time customer interactions with all the Disney characters, as well as quick and good service at Disney.

“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true”, who knew this famous quote by Cinderella could be an analogy to the vision and dream of brothers Roy and Walt Disney, who led the foundation of Disney in 1923. Customer-centric information technology implementation with RFID-enabled ‘Magic Bands', which was the perfect amalgamation of IOT, Customer interactions and big data, helped in personalizing every visitor ‘Disney Experience'. MyMagic+ offers a comprehensive solution to the problems of overcrowding, accelerate check-in and checkout process, food and hotel reservations, etc.

With great power's comes great responsibility and to prove its brand value, Disney enacted the best use of RFID technology in Magic band, but at the same time, it also has a few concerns. As the author mentions that it will help detect people from a distance using radio frequency transmissions but these transmissions can suffer from interference issues due to an external source for e.g. Metal interference, RFID cannot see through metals and reflects causing dead spots, it's a big disappointment for the customers. Another aspect which author failed to notice was in this 21st century where Technology is booming and with availability of cutting-edge technologies like Next-generation asset tracking solutions which are based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-wideband (UWB) will quickly replace RFID technology. Disney took almost 5 years to implement Magic Bands in their theme parks with complete infrastructure changes. However, the customer will anticipate Disney to follow the latest technological inclination and to abide by this Disney will have to bring in more investments and infra changes. Privacy breach is another major concern with Magic bands since this band collects all customer information like their location, payments and purchases using the frequencies and any eavesdropping on this frequency can give out all personal information about customers. Fastpass+ which author says to be the best discovery of Disney, was destined to solve the overcrowding issue at popular attractions, but it comes with its own flaws, which the author failed to notice i.e. it usually provides only 3 passes, with specific timings to be booked in advance. This is the biggest pitfall because it doesn't allow you to make spontaneous decisions like any change in plan will require you to stand in long queue again for FastPass+ booking. There are certain matters mentioned in the article which actually was a big victory for Disney, like going cashless is another dream which many theme parks dream of and Disney made this reality by making all payments possible through MagicBands. Thus, the visitor can now enjoy all the rides without the fear of losing his/her belongings. PhotoPass Memory Maker is the pre-eminent component as sited by the author, because usually in theme parks you have to bear the pain of acquiring your photo collections taken inside the park by getting in long queues. Disney yields this power at your fingertips to see all your photos on your smartphones using My Disney Experience.

While Disney capitalized on cutting-edge technologies, there are many aspects which Disney still needs to contemplate in order to maintain its prominence.

03 December 2019
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