How to Reduce Poverty in the World

In this paper I want to discuss how the problem of powerty looks like in real life. The paper is called "How to reduce poverty essay" and here I will also state how we can solve the issue. So for example the distance between the home and the nearest school can make it very difficult for the children to get their education, therefore you need several schools scattered throughout the country. For example, while a poor child in the United States can still attend school, a poor child in a village in Nigeria may not have that opportunity. Distance, lack of transport and financial resources often make it difficult for poor children in developing countries to receive education. It can be expensive, but the whole country can cooperate, those who work have to pay taxes and those who have had the opportunity to learn should teach to the next generation.

A new study conducted by the United Nations Development Program showed that dissatisfaction with weak governance contributes to violent extremism in young Africans. The study was founded on interviews with 495 volunteer recruits to extremist organizations such as Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab and suggests getting economic prospects and little confidence in the state to provide services and maintain human rights can lead an individual to participate in violent extremism.

These are some of the worst consequences of poverty. These effects of poverty show that poverty reduction must be a focus for achieving world peace and security.

How to reduce poverty in the world? Well there are many ways to fight poverty, but it's not that easy. First and foremost, all countries need both poor and rich cooperate against poverty. I think that the aid that the poor countries receive from the richer countries should increase. Assistance can be provided in the form of health care and education to build healthcare and schools as well as technology for industry and agriculture. These countries should also build several schools around the country so that all children have access to education. I also think that the countries should abolish school fees and school uniforms so that everyone can afford to go to school, if everyone gets a good education then the adults of the future will be competent to get a good and important work. Their work will develop the country greatly and they can build themselves out of poverty.

Another factor in preventing poverty is the health part, one can start by cleaning the water that the population should drink. First and foremost in hospitals because the people there are sick. Build several houses so that people do not live crowded together because diseases are simply spread out otherwise.

In conclusion, the people who are affected by the problems of poverty must be interested and involved in the fight. This means that the affected people will be the most important participants in the fight against poverty. It is also good to create a large organized group together with others to help many people instead of working with a few people. It goes faster and is easier when you are many who are fighting for the same thing. Fighting poverty takes time. Fighting poverty is not a simple and short-lived process.

08 December 2022
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