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Humility In Our Society

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Values are fundamental in our lives, since they forge our character and personality which help us to be a successful or unsuccessful person. The aristocratic vocation of being discovers value as the only foundation of the identity of “being who is”. Values are all things that provide people to defend and grow in their dignity, to name a few: identity, optimism, security, gratitude, fulfillment, ability, congruence, personal autonomy, success, intelligence, self-confidence, humility, responsibility, integrity, dignity, empathy, happiness. Values are developed and perfected by each person through their experience. Usually you hear that humility is one of the values that should be cultivated daily, implemented in every sphere of daily life as it is a step that leads us to make more successful.

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The Royal Spanish Academy defines humility as a virtue that consists in the knowledge of one’s own limitations and weaknesses and in acting according to this knowledge. Another concept that was found mentions humility to accept natural principles that can not be controlled. The virtue of humility, which is governed by practical reason, and the concrete action of the human being, since the role of this virtue is to guide man in his actions towards good, so that he does not only pursue his own personal good, but also that of others. When dealing with this issue we are within the scope of ethics and practical action, since he who is humble acts rightly and, contrariwise, who lets himself be carried away by the excessive love he feels for himself works badly. However, sometimes, arrogance can also be born from its opposite, as happens “when someone takes pride in his humility”, since it is appropriate to clarify that according to the Thomistic criterion “nothing forbids an opponent to be the cause of the other by accident”. The one of Aquino considers that the fundamental defect of the arrogance is not only in the intellect, but also in the feeling, since the superb magnifies its own good; He has an unbounded desire for personal excellence that is not in accordance with right reason.

For this reason, Thomas indicates that “humility is not only required for the inner health of feeling and intellect, but also for the exterior purity of works”. Virtue is oriented to the good, while any vice is caused by evil. If the human being naturally tends to the good, which causes pleasure and joy, and avoids evil, which produces pain and sadness, “humility, insofar as it is virtue, carries some desirable pleasure in the interior in its reason ” Against the kindness of the humble man, the proud reflects aversion to good in his actions. In sum, “the disordered appetite of hard or difficult goods corresponds to” the pride of life “, because pride is a disordered desire to excel.

Development Humility is one of those virtues that seem to disappear from the universe of man in our day insofar as individualism and its school of egoism, subjectivism, narcissism and relativism have been enthroned products of the liberal conception of man, the world and its problems. (4) We must learn to be humble so we can grow, recognizing that we are not better in all things, it is important to work in a team to be able to have a successful performance and work, complementing it with our knowledge, abilities and abilities. Many times the performance of others is criticized because something disgusts us and we have to mention the effort made to carry out this work, since evaluating ourselves is not easy or we can see our imperfections. Lao-tsé (570 BC-490 BC) said “Knowing that you do not know, that’s humiliation, thinking that you know what you do not know, that’s disease. ” Never forget that growth and improvement is a process that lasts life. Recognizing limitations does not mean abandoning dreams, nor abandoning learning new things or perfecting skills. Humility is the acceptance of our own limitations and errors with responsibility, while our achievements and qualities are seen from the eyes of humanity with modesty, sinvanagloriarnos, practicing the value of humility itself is generated benefits, giving us a broader perspective of who we are, when you focus on yourself you lose thatPurpose. Humility fosters the openness of the mind and a desire to improve; It even helps us to have a better sense of humor. Humility enables us to learn and grow in the face of loss. Humility enables us for everyday life; When you get a clear and realistic perspective of yourself, you also achieve a clear vision when facing mistakes and failures. One of the things that should always be demonstrated first of all is gratitude, since it allows us to be in harmony with ourselves.


True humility does not consist in confessing that one is superior or inferior, but in recognizing and feeling our limitations and smallness, and acting in accordance with them. I think that irony sarcasm of course, of not being humility, enclose in the depth of the concept, incapacity and the consequent low self-esteem. There are those who maintain that humility hides an arrogant truth: then, ultimately, humility would never be “true”; We would be dealing with another topic. True humility is incompatible with arrogance. They also argue that humility is a weakness or a false virtue that hides failures or disappointments inside, but I think they confuse ‘humility’ with ‘low self-esteem’, which is very different. “Exceeded humility is not humble and the most truly humble in those who believe themselves superior to others is to confess it, if for that reason they call it arrogance, calmly coping with it, the finest, the simplest humility is not caring about being taken for nothing, neither by humble nor by arrogant, and follow each his way, leaving to bark the dogs that step out and show us as it is, without misgivings or gossip. “

29 April 2020

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