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Immigration Reforms: The Need To Legalize Immigration In The US

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Immigration happens every single day. Thousands of immigrants come into the United States. Most of them are working illegally. They are coming to the United States to look for better lives. Most companies take advantage of immigrants. They don’t get paid that much and can’t say or do anything about it. All law abiding immigrants should be legal. Hard working immigrants should have their rights. Immigrants should be allowed and welcomed into the United States because they help our economy, and they also bring diverse and beautiful cultures. Illegal immigrants come to the United States mostly for work. They come here for a better life. After all the United States is the “Land of opportunities”. Why can’t immigrants have the same opportunity that we the people have?

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Illegal immigrants come to the United States mostly for work. They come here for a better life. After all the United States is the “Land of opportunities”. Why can’t immigrants have the same opportunity that we the people have? Most of immigrants work hard for their family. They are just trying to provide for their family. Asian immigration was so severely restricted that for the most part of Americas History Asians have represented less than 1 percent of the total population. This number has increased. Immigrants helped during war time. The urgent demand for labor during World War II led to creation of the Bracero program in August 1942. Its main impact was to provide a large, dependent agricultural labor force, working for 30-50 cents per day. Most companies take advantage of illegal immigrants, by paying them very little. A lot of company’s don’t give insurance to immigrants. People claim that immigrants are stealing jobs, but in reality they are putting the effort to get the job. Immigrants can’t really complain to their bosses because they are afraid to get deported. Since immigrants don’t have papers they can’t always get the best jobs out there.

Immigrants aren’t even treated as humans. They are treated like working dogs. I’ve seen with my own eyes that immigrants are one of the hardest working people you will find. They work long hours and work very hard but only get paid very little. You see immigrants working hard every day. Every time you see construction workers in the unbearable weather conditions, you see them working hard sweating suffering. A lot of stuff in the United States wouldn’t be here if people didn’t immigrate. They are more than 8 million illegal working immigrants. Immigrants are human, but some companies don’t realize this. They have them doing all the hard work for long hours. Yet they don’t get paid very much. How would you feel if you worked all day and all week but when you get your check it’s not what you wanted? You can’t complain either because you are afraid that if you complain your boss will call immigration and take you away. A lot of immigrants leave everything behind to come here. They leave their families, friends, and their hometown. They come here to find jobs and help, companies should not be allowed to take advantage of them.

The United States tried passing a lot of acts to try and control immigration. On August 1882, congress passed the immigration act of 1882, banning convicts and people unable to take care of themselves from entering the United States. This act was a good movie because it kept out all of the bad immigrants out. Federation of labor opposed immigration in order to protect the jobs of its members. In 1913 California prohibited Chinese and Japanese immigrants from owing land. Which is unfair to them, they should be allowed to own their own land if they worked hard for it.

The immigration reform Act (1986) attempted to regularize the agricultural labor issue, granting citizenship to undocumented Mexicans who could demonstrate a 10 year period of continuous residence. This gives a chance to the people who have been here awhile and have been working a chance to be legal. The volume of Mexican immigration to the United States declined consulates in Mexico started to enforce the literacy requirements of the Immigration Act of 1917. This was fair because Mexicans need to learn English in order to communicate with people in the United States. They are a lot more Acts that were passed to control immigration. All these acts tried to regulate what kind of immigrants came to the United States. They also helped immigrants become citizens. Not all Acts worked as planned. Immigrants still sneak in the United States. Some of these Acts are not fair, when they make these acts they should put themselves in the position of an immigrants. Then they should ask themselves how they would feel if they passed these act. They need to make it easier for a hard working immigrants to become legal. Immigrants should have the same opportunity as someone who was born in the United States. They should be able to become legal. Immigrants are humans too. They should start being treated like one.

Immigrants come here for better lives and for working opportunities. The United States needs to make immigration legal. Many people would be reunited with their families and they would be able to go back home without having to sneak back in the United States. They need to make an immigrants life easier. Put yourself of an immigrant, I bet you wouldn’t last a day.

10 October 2020

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