Importance Of A Computer In Our Lives

The computer sciences are those that belong to the bases of information and computation, as well as their application in computer systems. There are many fields or disciplines within the Computer Science, some give specific results of computing, such as computer graphics, while others such as the science of computational complexity, are related to properties of the algorithms used to perform computation. Others, on the other hand, focus on the problems that require the implementation of computations. For example, studies of programming languages describe a computation, while computer programming applies specific programming languages to develop a solution to a specific computational problem. Informatics refers to the automated processing of information in a useful and timely manner.

At present, society has great tools and technologies that help work and do it much faster, all these technologies have been evolving by leaps and bounds for many years until now with only programming a computer, in a matter of seconds we can have an extensive work of research, literature, calculations, representations, among others. However, many times it is hard for us to control, understand and manage all this technology as it progresses. One of the most known and used technological devices is the computer, which has a whole history so that it could become as useful, effective and efficient as the one we know in the authority.

First, a computer is an electronic device capable of interpreting and executing programmed commands, receive and process data for convertirios into useful information and thus facilitate our work to make it, unlike other machines, the computer allows us to perform various tasks, as well , a computer program needs specific information, since they are required at the time of executing one of its many functions and thus be able to provide the final data processing product, nowadays it is capable of processing all kinds of information, we can to work with her, save data, images, writing letters, reading the newspaper, communicate with family and friends through emails, watching videos, listening to music, drawing, making reports, create computer programs that perform various functions and it even allows us to make presentations that other computer users around the world can see.

Undoubtedly, the computer is one of the best technological tools that we have and with which we can use it, however, this was not the case since years of study and work are required to perfect these machines. The computer has become part of our daily life because by that means we can do what we want to find information, about what you want the computer can do anything you need, the computer can help you in your studies, with your tasks, can also help you with your work, and everything you need help the computer had many years of maintenance to help you in everything you need and can also help you communicate by voice, by video call, with our family, with friends who are in Different countries, there are many ways to communicate, for example, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Mensseger and many more applications. The computer is an essential for many factories since all the machines do it by means of a computer only they program it and it is ready to make function, even now there are supermarkets that no longer need cashiers since one same one through a computer one can scan your product and thus in the same way to pay what I buy or also through the computer one can make your orders to the supermarket from home, also with the computer one can make your credit payments, payment of electricity, water payment, get medical appointments and many more things can also do business advertising and reach many people from different countries, also when one goes to a restaurant one can pay for a computer that you think at the table, place your orders.

The computer is a very necessary method for many activities since you can do many things without having to do it yourself, you can even do everything in the house without doing anything.

The computer was very necessary for me in almost all my life, I needed it for all the time, in my tasks, project, translator and search for information about something I needed like my ELA assignments, math, science and many more, I used it all time for my charity and for my sake, not only I used it for information I used it also for games to have fun. The computer as you know is very necessary for life, even the computer can teach you many things to learn how to make meals of all countries, desserts, dances, songs, gymnasium, also gives us information about disasters in the world such as earthquakes, hurricanes, all the natural disasters in the world, also by the computer I could see my football that does not no cable passes then I look for it on my computer, I also see that it is very useful for people who put music at parties, animations, theatrical ... The computer can take you to make a good person in life if you use it for your good and what you need.

As I said the technology has the objective of facilitating and accelerating the performance of certain activities, such is the case of the computer, an excess of its use can affect our physical and mental health. For example:

Physical pain, this is due to the different postures that are adopted to sit in front of the computer causing back pain, neck pain

Bad blood circulation, due to lack of movement, because being in the computer for a long time we do not make many movements

Visual fatigue

You can accumulate fat for lack of exercise

Dream problems

To some extent the computer is essential for some types of work, but if you do not have proper ergonomics it can affect the physical part and consequently affects the mental part. Computers are good but so good if you use them excessively.

03 December 2019
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