Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen

When we hear globalization and globalism we tend to think that they have the same meaning and are similar. Globalization and globalism are actually two separate things and have two separate meetings. Throughout this paper it is going to discuss the distinctive differences between globalization and globalism. Also the paper will discuss the benefits of being a global citizen in the world of advanced technology and the effects of being a global citizen. To start with I will describe and explain a clear distinction between globalism and globalization.


Globalism is a political ideal in which events that happened in one country cannot be separated from those in another. Also that the economic and foreign policies should be planned in an International Way. Another way to look at globalism who's that it is the process of free movement of capital, goods, and services throughout the globe and everything is looked at as an equal. But in many countries and even in our own country some do not view it the same way.


According to Oxford Dictionary, globalization is the process by which businesses and other organizations develop International influences or start operating on an international scale. In other words it is the process at which businesses and organizations operate internationally.

The difference is between the two I believe is gold azzam is the belief that we all share this planet and everything on it where is with globalization corporations feel they should be able to mandate the regulations.

How is Being a Global Citizen Beneficial?

As defined in the article global citizenship is defined as 'awareness, caring, and embracing cultural diversity well promoting social justice and sustainability, coupled with a sense of responsibility to act.' I believe that global citizenship is a necessary practice that everyone should take because it helps people to understand everything that is going on around them and the world. With the advancement of Technology it is making it easier for everyone to be a global citizen. It is made possible through the use of the internet and how it is easier to communicate with others around the world. Through the use of the internet it helps us to build our awareness, caring, and to embrace cultural diversity.

Being a global citizen will help with my academic and personal goals because it takes out the personal biases and increases the understanding of everything that is a part of this world.

Disagreement on the Definition of Global Citizenship

According to the text the concept of global citizenship ideally has become a focus of theory Rising across various disciplines. One of the many confusions between theorists in regards to global citizenship is how theorists draw from diverse disciplines and perspectives to define the constraint. Also stated in the text 'clarifying the concept of global citizenship is difficult due to the use of seemingly synonymous terms to describe a superordinate global identity, and the influence of theorists disciplinary perspectives in defining the construct'. My definition of global citizenship is to have the willingness to explore and have the understanding of what is going on in other cultures and around the world.

Two Out of the Six Outcomes

There are six outcomes of global citizenship they include Intergroup empathy, valuing diversity, social justice, environmental sustainability, Intergroup helping, and the level of responsibility to act for the betterment of this world. How did  the two from the six that I have chosen our environmental sustainability and responsibility to act. According to the text responsibility to act is being actively involved in global issues is my responsibility and it is my responsibility to understand and respect cultural differences across the globe to the best of my abilities. Next is environmental sustainability that refers to people having the responsibility to conserve natural resources to foster a sustainable environment and should have used natural resources primarily to provide for basic needs rather than material wealth. 

I believe that these two are most important because it is our responsibility to act and be actively involved in any global issue to help make a change. Next to the is also important to have environmental sustainability because we only have one Earth and once everything is gone then there is nothing we can do to sustain ourselves or the environment.

The first personal example of environmental sustainability I have is from my work. I am not required to recycle the paper or plastic at my work but instead of just throwing it in the trash I collect all the paper and plastic that I would collect throughout the day and instead of throwing it out I bring it home to be recycled. As for the second one. I do not really have any personal examples or events to correlate to this one.


To end with I will identify two specific courses that influence me to become a global citizen. The two courses that have helped me to become a global citizen would be introduction to cultural anthropology and our dependence on the environment. Introduction to cultural anthropology gave me the chance to look into and understand the processes of other cultures which stood out stood out with me in the most in this class was when I had to research Japanese culture and how they take care of their elderly before and after death. The second course showed me the importance of energy conservation and how there are many things are detrimental to the environment.

01 August 2022
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