India Vs West Indies: First test match Pre Analysis

A new tournament of cricket will start from tomorrow. This is a bilateral series between India Vs West Indies. In this whole tour, West Indies have to play two test matches in India which will start from tomorrow. Apart from this, they have to play ODI and T-20 matches. The first match will starts from tomorrow at Rajkot, India. In the last series of the Test match, India lost match series against England. Actually, their conditions are different. This match is being hosted in India so I think this time no problem will occur for the Indian team.

Pre Match Analysis-Indian team looks stronger on paper but can not say that the team which is strong on paper always win the match. Also, the most important factor is that in this tournament many new players have gotten the place. Star players of India is on rest. So we can not say that it is easy for India to face West Indies. Indian team selection is also controversial in media for this tournament. Various old players questioned about selection. Also, this match will decide the future of many new Indian cricketers. If they will be performed well then future will brighter. Bad performance might take them in to lurch. If we talk about the ground, is smaller than other normal cricket ground. We can easily see boundaries. Yes in test cricket ground size normally increased the little bit. But still ground is not so big like other grounds. Indian pitches are made for spinners so definitely spinners will become the changing factor in this match.

While if look at the weather, I expect the day will little bit hotter not very much. New changes in batting and bowling will definitely interesting to see. Their performance is really important for their future. West Indies team have gotten a victory in last test match series against Bangladesh. Though that was the home condition for them. Here conditions are very different. Here in India pacers gets less benefit from the pitches. On slow pitches, West Indies have less experience on fast pitches. Yes, some profit they will get that is their experienced player. In comparison to India they are bringing old experienced players. India team have some novice players. After all, according to condition chances of India to win higher and second priority is the draw. This is my prediction. what you think you should comment.

13 January 2020
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