Influence And Each Individual’s Emotions

As a human being, I have lot of emotions within me. As there are countless things that happen to me every day, I will have different emotions each day. The first thing that I need to do is control my own emotions. There may rise a question why is controlling my emotions the very first step and why some people can control their emotions while others cannot? I was in false assumption that my emotions are controlling my behavior. I can control my emotions. If a person says or does something I find offensive, it is important that I take over control of my emotions and respond rather than react. When I react, I am allowing that person and my emotions to control me; when I respond, I am in control of myself and my emotions and set to create an environment for a result for everyone involved in positive way. The principle that I need to take care of is understanding my belief system or my master system. While my belief system is combination of upbringing, environment, schooling, news media, television shows, movies, popular culture, and so on. Some of my beliefs work for me and are productive and helpful, and keep me safe but most of them has no positive purpose to anyone or anything. Each individual’s emotions differ from another individual. Different things are important to different people, and they will evaluate what is happening differently based upon their perspective. The thing that makes me happy might have no impact on other people or vice versa. There are times in my life when somebody can say one thing to me and it will make me cry, while other times the same comment makes me laugh. This difference is because of the mental and emotional state that I am in during that situation.

I do not need to understand other people’s belief system; what I need to do is understand that their belief system is most likely much different from mine. Only when I consciously understand that am I in a position to proceed in a way such that it will provide beneficial result to that person and as well as me. Like, most of them I want to feel good, i.e., pleasure, and avoid feeling bad, i.e., pain. But each person’s life experience has taught each individual a unique way for what equals pain and what equals pleasure. As with my emotions, when I am in control of my ego, that is a positive thing and I can accomplish great things. When my ego controls me, that is when it gets dangerous and I believe it is the same with the other person. Influence for some people may be a person they look up to, for others it may be the wish to achieve something. As soon as I grow satisfied with myself and my current conditions or surroundings, I will stop growing.

If I want to influence people around me or actually uncover the needs of another person, I need to get into a friendly relationship with that person or else nothing happens. When I make friends with others, they almost automatically tell me everything I need to know about their emotions and values and subsequently how to influence them because I feel there is a certain level of trust I need to feel before I show my true self to the other person. I must try my best to solve their problems and they must be impressed by my approach to problems. I must make sure I am influencing for the good. If I want to influence my friends to be positive, I should bring them in to my positive vibe because it starts with me.

13 January 2020
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