Jk Rowling's Life Before Harry Potter


J. K Rowling was a single mother who was very poor, and before she was a book worm, became one of the most well known writers and a companion honor winner, with a world of witchcraft and wizardry. I'm going to teach you about before all this all of this with three topics, less work days, the end, and finally higher work days on the way to know all about JK Rowling.

Younger Days

Joanne rowling was born on July 31(same as Harry Potter) 1965 in Chippingburry Sudbury general hospital. When Joanne was a kid her parents called her Jo wich was short for Joanne. When Jo was ready she went to school in winterbourne, and she loved it, she loved to draw and make pottery, and the fun didn't stop, after school jo would play with her sister dianne or di as her parents called her, or her friends. Sometimes she would play with a brother and sister with the last name of potter, this name was so cool and she liked it so much she even considered it to be her own name, and soon made it to be the last name of her future path to glory with the Harry Potter series. But all this fun ended when Jo was about 9, when the Rowling's moved to Tutshill Wales, not only was she leaving all of her friends behind, her close grandmother, Kathleen. In the summer at wales Jo and Di would wander in fields in Tutshill, Jo liked to wonder the fields she often made fantasy stories in her mind at Chepstow Castle, Which is on a cliff very high up.

The Rollings lived in a house next to a church and a graveyard. Jo’s friends thought this was scary but on the other hand Jo liked it because it helped her get names. But all this fun ended when school came. Jo had a new teacher named Mrs. Morgan was so mean that the cruel teacher Severus Snape was based off of her. She also gave an arithmetic test on the first day of school to separate the smart Kids from the dumb kids. Since Jo had not learned fractions yet she failed the test and she had to sit with the dumb kids. But eventually her teacher realized how smart she was so she didn’t have to sit with the dumb kids anymore and she moved Jo with the smart kids. When Jo was eleven years old things got a little bit better, she met her best friend Sean Harris who support her on her goal to become a writer. Sean had such a big effect on the Harry Potter series and on Jo because Ron Weasley was based off of Sean and Ron is a big character in the series.

Fun Fact: The name is actually pronounced Rolling not Rowling

The End

How did Anne Volant die? Anne Volat was born on February 5, 1945 to Stanley and Louisa Volant, and the sister of Marine Fox, and mother of Joanne and Diane Rowling, and finally wife to Pete Rowling. But when anne was 34 she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis,But before she was diagnosed she had lost feeling in her limb, and also she had bad balance for a long time. It kept getting worse and worse until in 1980 she decided to visit the doctor and she found out she had M. S. Before anne had M. S she was very fit. But on the christmas of 1990, when Jo last saw her mother she explained to a reporter, she looked very skinny and exhausted. anne never really paid that much attention to ms wich most likely made it worse. But sadly five days later on december 30, 1990 Anne Volant passed away when she was 45, and what should never happen to someone Jo was 25. This hurt Jo so much that even being 45 Jo said to a reporter, she still can't write about her Mom without crying. But in the end this sad event did have a bright side to it, because J. K said herself that the harry potter series would not have been as we know them today had her Mom not passed away. Not so fun fact:M. s is where you have a strange response in your nervous system, it causes you to slowly lose control of your body.

Higher Work Days

Joanne Rowling enrolled to the university of Exeter in the summer of 1983, the university of Exeter was on the southern coast of england. When there Jo wanted to become a Activist, she wanted to become a Activist because one of her favorite writers Jessica Mitford. Jo said to a reporter “Exeter was great, but it did not offer quite the chance to become a radical that I planned. She also wanted to study English to become a writer, but her parents wanted her to study french because they thought that two languages would help her get a good secretary job which she dreaded the thought of becoming a secretary. She also studied ancient history as well as French. She also gathered names from mythology and literature. When she studied French she said the best part about studying French was spending a year in Paris. While at college she was very shy and spent time alone writing, sketching and playing her guitar. However she did have an opportunity to met her first boyfriend in college. She eventually became a secretary but quit and became the J. K Rowling we came to know her as.


Stupefy, I just stunned you with three topics before JK Rowling became a companion in her honor with a world of witchcraft and wizardry. The three topics were younger days and what it was like and where she lived. Second, the end and all about her mom’s death. Finally higher work days and all about her going to college.

10 December 2020
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