Josef Mengele – The Cruelest Nazi Doctor

“There can’t be two smart peoples in the world. We’re going to win the war so only the Aryan Race will stand.” This quote, was spoken by Josef Mengele, the holocaust became a thing due to a man named Adolf Hitler and one of the men who worked for him was Josef Mengele. This shows how both Hitler and Mengele was to kill off all of the Jews because they thought the Jews were the lower race for what they did to the Germans during the war. During the holocaust people were executed in many ways but for some people they were handed over to the Angel of Death himself, Dr. Josef Mengele. You got lucky if experiments weren’t done on you by this horrid monster of a man, if you were a twin in this situation, you and your twin sibling became his main priority. Josef Mengele was one of the cruelest people at the time this horrible genocide went on.

Before being under the command of Hitler, Mengele’s life was dedicated to both education and serving in the military. At the University of Munich in 1935, Josef Mengele earned a PhD in physical anthropology.Two years later he became the assistant of Dr. Otmar von Verschuer for Hereditary Biology and Racial hygiene in Frankfurt. He received a medical degree in 1938 after joining the Nazi party in 1937, in 1940 he got drafted to the military where he volunteered for medical service. His time in the military however was cut short because he was wounded on campaign and was sent back to Germany to resume his work with von Verschuer. This would lead up to helping Adolf hitler start his plan to wipe out the Jews.

There was a lot of lethal violence during the holocaust but Dr. Mengele’s ways were different, his ways of killing off the Jews were by conducting experiments on them. While doing all of these experiments his main focus were twins. Renate Guttmann was a “Mengele Twin” and she was separated from her brother and mother after arriving at Auschwitz, at the hospital she was taken to she was measured and x-rayed. During her stay at the hospital she was strapped to a table and cut with a knife, she was also given injections that made her throw up and have diarrhea. Other methods for him were freezing/hypothermia, and sun lamps. Freezing/hypothermia was where the victims were put in an icy vat of water or put outside naked in sub-zero temperatures. Using the sun lamp was where the victims were placed under sun lamps which were so hot they would burn the skin. There were many more to name but after all of the experiments concluded Mengele would collect the eyes of his murdered victims. I would rather be killed in any other way rather than have experiments done on me.

After the war Mengele and some of the Nazis who weren’t captured went into hiding. On January 17, 1945 Josef Mengele became a fugitive and fled from Auschwitz. For the net 34 years he was in hiding, but during his years of hiding he worked as a farmhand in 1949 in Gunzburg. He fled to Argentina and got by unnoticed. Mengele’s search ended in 1985 when West German Police raided the home of a lifelong friend, authorities identified that families harbored Mengele in South America after seizing several letters from him. They discovered that Josef Mengele died in a drowning accident in 1979.

Josef Mengele was the worst Nazi doctor ever, his life looked good up until the start of WWII. That’s when it became better for only him but not for anyone else, especially the Jews. Mengele liked doing experiments on the Jews and was able to do all of them without being stopped. Josef Mengele conducted many cruel experiments that killed off a lot of people, mostly twins which is who he focused on the most. 34 years after the Holocaust ended Josef Mengele died in a drowning accident, even though he was the most wanted Nazi I’m positive that people, mostly Jews, were happy he was dead nd they were rid of the infamous Nazi doctor forever.  

16 December 2021
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