Kindness – The Most Important Thing That We Don’t Have Enough Of

When you think about the word kind what first pops in your head? Is it hugs or love. Maybe even giving a helpful hand to your lovely neighbor. These are all great ways to show kindness, but it is a lot more complex than this. Kindness may seem like a broad topic, but when you really think about it you can explore many different ways of being kind. That is why I think kindness is the most important thing that we don’t have enough of and why it is so important to learn it.

Kindness is everywhere and you and most people don’t even know what it means. Kindness is usually a generous act. It also means being friendly or nice to someone or something. you’re usually being kind all the time and don’t even notice it until later. One thing that people may not notice is that there are many different ways of being kind. For example, being kind to the environment. When you walk along the shimmery sandy shore of the beautiful beach you may notice that there are lots and lots of trash, you may notice that It's not just the ocean it also local park, rainforests, your neighborhood, etc. one pretty straight forward way to help he matters of this deadly cause is to set up a time with your family or friends and go around picking up trash while having a good time. Like I said effortless. A more intricate plan is to set up a small campaign you can put flyers out and about. stated, ¨This successful education and outreach campaign included television and radio ads, a hotline to report littering, posters and billboards, and brochures. The program messaging was direct and effective: statistics show littering was reduced by 25 percent during the campaign.¨ Learning kindness is very crucial to are way of life, so that why I think teachers should teach kindness. My favorite quote about kindness is from a website called, ¨Kindness Is Something Students Learn By Feeling It.¨ one reason why I believe kindness should be taught is it is scientifically proven that when kids are king they become happier. How does this happen you may ask, well when kids do something kind they experience a wave of pleasure created by endorphins. Endorphins turn on a certain parts of the brain that produce trust, pleasure and social connection. Those feelings are considered contagious. Meaningful connections to other citizens. states, “Studies show that kind, happy children enjoy greater peer acceptance because they are well-liked and that better than average mental health is reported in classrooms that practice more inclusive behavior due to an even distribution of popularity.” Kindness is scientifically proven to relieve stress and improve your health. When you are kind you release hormone oxytocin which increases happiness because it has mental and physical improvements. More recently discovered is that it can lower your blood pressure and help protect the heart. Bullying can be prevented if you teach more kindness.

Not only should you be kind to our ecosystem but you should also be generous to other humans. Try not to just be nice to your friends, being nice to everyone you see. It can be as easy as just holding the door to as big as raising awareness for homelessness. Always care for everyone. Mindyourmind states, “There are no situations where you should not aim to be nice. A waiter deserves as much kindness as a CEO. Don't be overly critical. Being kind is also about making compromises and finding ways to understand others better.” Also kindness online, to other is very important. Make sure you respond to emails and texts very respectfully.

Kindness should always be around I hope we will never get rid of it. It is so important to learn kindness because it helps you with almost everything. Try to be kind to everyone you see even if you haven’t even met them before. Like I said before, kindness ease a massive topic that I can talk on and on about. From just lending a helping hand to setting up a whole campaign there millions of ways to be kind.

13 January 2020
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