Learning How To Live A Happy Life

We all face challenges and we all have problems in our life. Life is about ups and downs, sometimes we are happy but many times we can be offended. I am among those people who get upset easily that later turn into constant feeling of dejection and demotivation. I was an over-sensitive person that affected my personality until my high school in America.

I grew up as a pampered child who was always consoled by the parents, siblings, and friends. I never could understand how much life can be challenging and how much one needs to be patient and consistent. I realized when I entered high school in America. Entering higher education is exciting and challenging at the same time. Because, at high school level you come across a lot of people and when studying abroad, you meet people from different cultures and different habits. It can be really challenging to make friends and learn from them. It can be exciting and it can give you a tough time if you have been a pampered child. I made many friends and the beginning was really rousing but because of being oversensitive, I faced many challenges that undoubtedly affected my social and practical life and my studies as well. I was always oversensitive about my grades as I always was aimed at getting high grades. Coming abroad and studying different subjects needs time to adapt and this was something that I could not realize.

During the first semester, I was not much satisfied with my grades and I started to study even harder. I disconnected all social media websites and I decided to do not go out with my friends. I was trying to improve my grades and I spent all my time sitting in library and reading books. In this struggle, when I noticed my friends still being happy and satisfied with what they had and I being sad for something that was not my mistake. I realized how much I was thinking about my grades although I had more than satisfactory grades. I tried to question my doubts and my uncertainties but I found myself in the middle of nowhere. I left my books for a while and went out in the garden opposite to the library. I looked around and I saw how much everybody is rejoiced, I saw how everybody is satisfied for what they have and they are not worried for what they don’t have. They are patient, they are not depressed, and they are enjoying their present without being depressed for their future. I questioned myself and I gave a thought to what I have been all my life and what I could have been or could be in the future. After a long isolation and depression, I promised to give myself a chance. I tried to be normal like other people, I wanted to be as happy and satisfied as my friends and I wished to be as motivated as someone who is even disabled but is still hopeful to do wonders. This was a life changing moment for me. I felt actually alive, motivated to change myself and more optimistic for my future. That one single moment changed my life and the way I looked at life. I realized the problems and challenges are not the obstacles but the tests that make us stronger and more sharped.

These challenges teach us to be more patient and consistent in our life. I understood how much it is important to value your present rather to regret for your past or to worry about your future. My whole life changed in a second and I learnt how to be happy and satisfied for what I have rather than what I can have.

15 July 2020
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