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Life Starts At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

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The world can become an overwhelming place if you do not take time to slow down and enjoy the little joys of life. Life is unpredictable, and there is no way of knowing where it will take you. This is why it is crucial to seize the day and take advantage of each opportunity that presents itself. Jay Hasheider is a dad that explained how he felt as he watched his son enter the next chapter of his life in his essay “Appreciating the Moment. ” Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone can lead you to exciting places, but it can be terrifying. Hasheider reminds the reader that “moving away from home is both a good and a sad thing. ” Although change can be scary, you cannot let it stop you from moving forward.

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My senior year of high school went by so quickly. I can still remember waking up on the first day of school to the sound of my alarm clock blaring one of my favorite songs, “Here Comes The Sun,” by The Beatles. It was a year full of hope and excitement as I prepared to begin one of the biggest adventures of my life. Before I knew it, I was walking across the stage in my high school theater, tassel hanging freely and cords swaying side to side, and it was time to graduate. As I roamed the halls of my high school for the last time, all of the memories that I had made over the previous four years came rushing back. I felt tears starting to form in my eyes as I prepared to say my final goodbye.

My sadness quickly turned into excitement as I prepared to make the five hundred eighty-six-mile journey from Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, to Coastal Carolina University. After attending orientation and talking with my roommates, I knew that I had found my happy place. The big day was finally approaching, and my SUV was bursting at the seams. I arranged to see my friends one last time before I had to leave. When I came to the realization that I would be ten hours away from the people that I love, I felt paralyzed by fear. One of my best friends, Riley, came over and wrapped his arms around me. He leaned in and reminded me that whenever I got stressed or I missed home, he was only one phone call away. He told me that I was going to do great things because I was “the strongest and most persistent girl” that he has ever met. That is when I knew that he would always believe in me. The rest of the evening was full of laughs and happy memories that I will always remember. Each of us went our separate ways to pursue our own dreams. At the end of the day, I am grateful that I had the courage to push myself outside my comfort zone. After joining multiple clubs, I feel like I found a sense of belonging. I will always have fond memories of home, but now I have the chance to make new friends and be surrounded by such a diverse and supportive community. By leaving home and embarking on this journey, I will be able to discover how much I am capable of accomplishing.

I agree with Jay Hasheider, and I believe that slowing down to appreciate the beautiful moments that happen whenever you are not expecting them is important. However, you must continuously push yourself forward. You cannot let the fear of change keep you from reaching your full potential. There is a big world waiting for us with so much to learn. The possibilities are endless once you begin to discover what your true passions are. We must find inspiration in the things that you love and care about. Once you leave your comfort zone and start discovering who you are meant to be, then your life will be changed forever.

31 October 2020

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