Limitations Of The Police Towards To The Innocent People In The Philippines

One of the problems we are encountering in the Philippines is the Limitations of the Police towards to the innocent people. Why do some police are trying to abuse the innocent people without evidences? They have the more power than us because we are just an ordinary people who are living in a way that we want to and some ordinary people are also trying to mess up with police officers which is not acceptable that’s why we don’t have love and peace because we, people are not being understandable and generous to one another.

According to Crystal Ayres (2017) “There can be a lot of perks available to police officers, the job benefits of being a police officer are quite valuable in many communities”. They are the one who’s helping us in so many ways such as fixing up different situations and investigating scenes. Thus, being a police officer is one of the firm decision that sometimes, it takes a long time to convince your loved ones because it is also one of the dangerous job not only in the Philippines but in the whole World.

There are some of the advantages of being an ordinary people to being a police officer. Normal people are required to follow the Law of the Philippines they must obey the rules so that it can help them to understand more that Police are only doing their jobs and they are also protected by our police officers. The Duties of the Police is maintaining the peace of the community by obeying their rules, they also have the much higher risk of danger than the ordinary people like us and they have their own weapons not only to protect others but to protect themselves and families too and they are ready to surrender their life for the whole country which is we need to appreciate them more for being a hero because they also have their own families waiting for them to come home after their operations or their duties to protect our country.

For me, I didn’t see anything wrong with the relationship of the police officers toward the ordinary people it’s just like some police are abusing their power to threat the other people’s life which against the law. Being a responsible leader as a police is the biggest role that can help to prove themselves that they are doing their job in a proper way, their job is to serve people and the country with their heart as well, they chose to be one of our hero so our job is to make them feel respected same thing how we respect us ordinary people. Let Love, Peace and Generosity be our number one top priority for the good of the whole country, we can be more understandable to not mess up with someone’s life, it would be more appreciated if we can start being a good role model for everyone. Whether if you are a police officer or not, everyone obligue to give love and peace.

14 May 2021
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