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Literary Analysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson could be a story of AN uncommon city caught in an exceedingly lure of perpetually following tradition, even once it’s not in their best interest. Jackson uses symbols throughout the story that relate to the theme. This helps the reader clearly perceive her main message. Jackson uses setting, tone and symbols to convey a topic to her audience. By doing therefore she creates important connections to the theme exploitation previous man Warner and therefore the recording equipment as examples.

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The setting and tone in “The Lottery” area unit important aspects that provide the reader a way of wherever they’re and an overall feeling of what the story ought to be like. At the beginning, Jackson is extremely specific in describing the setting of her story. She says “The morning of Gregorian calendar month twenty seventh was clear and sunny, with the recent heat of a full summer day” (250). Imagining this puts the reader terribly} place that looks very hospitable. it’s starting} of summer and everything is preparing for a replacement beginning. this is often terribly dishonest as a result of Jackson provides her audience the sense that this is often a traditional city that goes concerning their day to day lives even as the other city would. however this is often not the case once it’s later disclosed that it’s AN finish instead of a replacement starting as a result of the winner of the lottery is drunk to death. The tone of the story quickly changes once the reader realizes what the purpose of the lottery extremely is. there’s one thing terribly incommunicative and freakish concerning this city that leaves the reader with several questions about why it’s the method it’s, and the way it ought to be like this. previous man Warner relates to the present as he’s the oldest man in city. He symbolizes the tradition during this uncommon ritual the villagers partake in.

Old man Warner plays a key role in Jackson’s story “The Lottery”, as he’s one in all the most symbols. Mr. Warner is that the oldest man in city and has participated in lxxvii lotteries. He represents the tradition of the lottery in his city. The younger generations in city tell him that different places have stopped holding lotteries. He thinks they’re a “Pack of crazy fools” (254) for needing to stop the lottery. He believes by retiring the tradition that “They’ll be needing to return to living in caves” (254). per adult male. Warner, the lottery is that the solely factor keeping society stable. As a person of belief he thinks that an individual’s sacrifice is that the solely logical declare insuring that their crops area unit smart, seen within the line “Lottery in Gregorian calendar month, corn be serious soon” (254). Mr. Warner accepts the method things area unit as a result of this is often the method they need perpetually been. dynamic tradition would be fateful in his eyes. the opposite main image in “The Lottery” is that the recording equipment. not like previous man Warner, the recording equipment represents the absence of tradition. this is often as a result of the box itself has not been passed down, rather it’s solely been the ideas and rituals that were tried and true generations. solely items of the initial box stay. within the starting of the lottery the villagers used wood chips rather than paper. Over the years the tiny details of the lottery are lost and every one that is still is that the true intention of it. The villagers area unit blindly following a ritual that has lost most of the tradition, and solely holding lotteries just because there has perpetually been one.

The theme during this story is that blindly following tradition are often terribly dangerous. this is often shown to the reader through the freakish ritual of murdering innocent individuals simply because tradition says therefore. The city has become therefore immersed during this tradition that they fail to ascertain the harm it’s making in their society. previous man Warner could be a good example of this as a result of in his eyes there’s nothing wrong with the tradition of the lottery. he’s therefore committed to the tradition that he believes the village can come back to a far a lot of primitive time if they stop holding lotteries. this is often terribly ironic as a result of the tradition they’re following has been passed down through generations, the thought of human sacrifice for achievement in their crops could be a terribly primitive method of thinking. Mr. Warner doesn’t question this tradition and would simply kill somebody just because the tradition of the lottery is all the justification he wants. The recording equipment may also be associated with this as a result of it’s seen to carry terribly ancient values, however really it’s the alternative. The box is falling with the exception of years of use and is merely made up of a chunk of the initial recording equipment. The villagers base their loyalty with the box on nothing over stories that it’s made up of items of the previous one. This goes to point out that the villagers area unit blindly following tradition simply because it’s perpetually been done this fashion.

Throughout the story the reader is ready to obviously see however Jackson uses setting, tone, and symbols to form a really entertaining story. The setting and tone in “The Lottery” is extremely totally different than most. She tricks the reader into thinking that the city and village individuals she describes area unit traditional, once really this is often not true. The reader later finds out concerning the weird ritual this city practices and therefore the entire tone of the story changes. There area unit 2 main symbols during this story, one being previous man Warner, and therefore the second being the recording equipment. each of those symbols provide the reader a way of tradition, with Mr. Warner not needing to stop the lottery, and with the recording equipment being nothing over a logo. Jackson leaves her audience with an excellent theme which will be applied to any society and any period of time.

10 October 2020

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