Literary Analysis On A Native Son

In a Native’s Son Richard Wright attacks many different themes throughout his novel winning book he uses racism, gender, social and murders. Race and racism are two themes in a native son, Richard Wright presents the complex and disturbing status of racial politics in America. A Native son also suggests environmental conditions played a role in Bigger’s psychodrama. In a Native’s Son one important technique is third person limited narrative structure early impact upon sensibilities act.

A Native’s Son is based off a true story Wright was held in poverty and racism Wright is regarded not as novelist, but he was recognized for a great job well done for a big accomplishment. Bigger Thomas and Richard Wright were after the system Richard Wright was a naturalist writer often time taken for granted. The Great Depression of the 1930s was around the time the Native Son was written the Great Depression played a huge factor in our society and it will never be the same all we can do is look back at it and try not to make the same old mistakes as we did back then. Violent Rage was an understandable if not identifiable response to American Racism and poverty. The author states, “Negroes refuse to go to those houses. ” Severe economic malaise as a result of the stock market poor urban black male’s wright exposes in this scene and array sentiments and emotions. Native Son was the first novel to paint the true picture of what it was like to be black in America it was also intertwined with social climate and how negroes live and how they have so long endured is hidden American literacy public not through fiction it is needed to present him merely as social victim.

Native Son is a detachment by scientist surveying Richard Wright obtains employment as chauffeur, bigger has his brother, sister, mom in a one roomed apartment but he somehow still feels along and is a multilayer character. “Bigger was a perfect figure of young African Americans males with every little opportunies” Bigger gets locked up for stealing. Black men are perceived by white men black men throughout the story has to cover for the white men that’s a part of the depression but soon the story reaches a climate when Mary Britch gets drunk and she can’t talk or walk on her own, bigger decides he wants to help her. He was trying to keep from her mom finding out that he was in her room but that still failed her mom walked in the room she thought that he was raping her from that point on things got wrong. Its many different viewpoints throughout the story they believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Bigger is a black man who often feels disrespected by white he feels like anything he does he’s going to be accounted for it or even blame because back then black people were treated nearly like slaves. A Native’s Son means a person born in a particular place a Native’s Son tells a story of a 20-year-old bigger Thomas throughout the story a Native Son gives a different view and a different perspective on racism. “There was and old feeling he had experienced all his life. ” Fear is one of the themes that was digged into throughout a Native’s Son is what bigger was feeling throughout the book he was scared to mess up he was scared to do the wrong thing because he knew the white people were watching and was ready for him to make a mistake. Some of the readers might have said or claimed that bigger made some poor decisions but everything he did throughout the book was because of his skin color all those choices he made was because of his color it was like he did to get on to bigger for every little thing he did. Religion plays a big factor in A Native’s Son to they believed all the people should believe in the same thing but people have their own beliefs in life religion also have something with the way you think, the way you talk all of that played a role in religion. Bigger believes he’s alone throughout most of the story because the way people treat him through the novel, but Bigger has 2 siblings and a mom his dad left him when he was only three years old. A native’s son is a true story a young black living in poverty in a poor very poor city of Chicago in the south of the 1930s. Bigger few points he was trying to convey throughout his novel was fear, flight and fate throughout most of his life bigger lived in fear because he never knew what was going to come next in his life he never knew what to expect he never knew what things would come to him knowing his dad wasn’t there anymore really had an effect on him. He had friends but that really wasn’t as important to him the labeled him as the “black boy”.

Bigger was eventually defended by max a Jewish Marxist a native son received several praises and condemnations many people today are still praising bigger for his vision of a native’s son it made him look and feel like a celebrity. The beginning of the story starts off with a threat banging introduction. Bigger’s mom mostly called him self-centered and irresponsible and unmotived. So, most of Bigger’s life he had to believe in his self because nobody else believed in him it was kind of like he was living in a world by himself he mostly did everything on his own, so he was basically self-motivated. Bigger later go in some trouble he thought he maybe couldn’t get out of, but he stood up for somebody else that he knew that he was going to eventually get blamed for blacks back then didn’t really stand a chance. Not to mention bigger was dating a girl but he killed her so he wouldn’t get in trouble for all those murders he has committed. Their apartment was so small that they had to look away while their mother was getting dressed because her room was literally right down the hall with no door to block the view. Bigger really didn’t have a relationship with his mom they often times fought and argued. Wright has really certainly, and he was being a character for creating a central character, but he doesn’t show much empathy or sympathy.

10 October 2020
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