Living an Apartment: Advantages and Disadvantages

A few years before Australia needed more apartments and units because they had not had enough buildings also every single day new students come from overseas to Australia.

However, in recent times, Australia is one of the most modern and fashionable and also expensive countries in the world such as food, renting as well as transportation. One of the best partial pieces of evidence is living an apartment. While there are some indubitable benefits in this situation including living cheaper, using small space to build, there are also some disadvantages, having risk and neighbors are living closely too.

The first important advantage is people living in an apartment that is cheaper than others. at this time, the majority of students come from overseas they want to live in urban areas of the city in Australia because of the cost also transport as well. Similarly, an important part of life was being an expense and investing money for everyone. People who live in units or urban areas they do not pay public service costs that is including security, pool, as well as cleaning industry of the yard. Between that saved cost they could save and spend another important life of the future themselves.

Another important advantage is people who set up an apartment use a piece of land to be on builds units. Today, in Australia growth of the population mostly in modern cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. However, they need to develop new apartments because most of the immigrants would like to live around the central business district. For instance, In 2016, 85% of Australia’s apartment dwellers (including visitors) lived in the capital regions. The Central of the cities does not have enough land to build houses that is why most of the higher buildings are always in the modern spot. In addition, taller buildings will be determined simultaneously by the size of people.

There are, however, some disadvantage is dwellers living in an apartment there is some risk. The biggest issue of building industry troubles such as aging, architectural mistakes’, and earthquakes. This paragraph’s ability of the emergency of architecture mistake. Furthermore, the work has to do focuses on safe security as well as protecting the dwellers. depends on the buildings were made quality of the outcomes by the construction company. For instance, Architecture always needs to check implementation detail, internals and implementation to fix their code as well.

The final disadvantage is dwellers living in apartment all of the neighbors living crowded.

Household members are crowded actually one of the important issues of standard living conditions in many countries. The negative consequences of overcrowding can be a poor physical problem for household members including fare safety, property damage, and increased stress. However, People can change the overcrowding problem that it is room standard, such as persons per room.

As a consequence, dwellers are living an apartment has some clear benefits including cheaper and because of the budget exactly the part of the life also uses a piece of land on the build so that we can ensure that people can live in this urban century also save the piece of lands of the future, whereas there is allowing have some risks if there is some trouble with a set of the room is the most dangerous for many of us also dwellers are living closely is higher risk life as well because there is many stresses was given for people. Inshore, I suggest that we need to understand the practices and experiences of life dwellers always have to check the implementation and architectural detail of the apartment before moving in the apartment as well as the built Construction Company’s history. 

07 July 2022
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