Lust: the Worst of the Seven Deadly Sins

Living a perfect life in this society is nearly impossible. It is hard to go a day or two without sinning. Sins are actions that are highly disgraceful and also viewed as crossing God's will. Numerous sins are essential, but these Seven Deadly Sins are crucial. These seven sins are gluttony, pride, envy, greed, sloth, anger, and finally, lust. Each one of these sins carries various aspects that make them different from each other, but lust happens to be the worst sin. Lust is a sin described as having an intense desire or need (Merriam-Webster). Lust is the most disastrous sin because it destroys, results in extreme criminal activity, and affects mental health.

Lust causes people to become sex addicts which destroys lives. In this article, hypersexuality is referred to as sex addiction, which is well known as 'a proposed diagnosis for people who engage in sex or think about sex through fantasies and urges more than normal' (Hypersexuality 'Sex Addiction'). It results in symptoms such as several partners, pornography, masturbation, and much more sexual stimulants. It is quite evident that this condition has effects on those who have trouble with it, and those within them. With this condition, it can be a long-term effect that could never possibly be resolved. Mentally it is terrible because it ends up with the adverse effects of the brain. It starts as the sex hormones testosterone, that drives sexual desire then dopamine that gets a person attached through emotions. Several studies have proved as to how, and why lust can affect the brain. For example, the prefrontal cortex of the brain is cut off due to lust and attraction that proceeds to irrational behavior. Also, the temptation for a lustful person involves a cue that creates a powerful drive toward impulsive behavior. This is why it is hard to have self-control because when people find themselves in a tempting situation, they tend to find it hard not to act. Lust comes out of evil desires that lead to destruction.

Lust also leads to murder. Dennis Rader is a serial killer well-known for his lustful murders. Rader was driven by his lust to condone in dreadful acts to satisfy his sexual pleasures. In an interview, Rader said, 'Sexual, sexual fantasies'. As a child, he had evolved from sexual fantasies that included bondage after he killed animals. Rader always had an eye out for new victims; he played it cool with attending church often, little did people know he was evaluating them. Within the murders, he would go on business trips and would attend motel parties, and would wear the underwear of the victims he killed. He never included his wife in his fantasies. Ted Bundy was not any different, but slightly worse. He faked his injuries to lure women to get the pleasure he wanted. Bundy had an urge for lust, not only for killing, for the sexual actions that he would execute on his victims before and after killing them. 'A lot of them being last seen helping a guy with a cast or sling'. He often revisited the sites of where he hid the bodies to have sex with the decayed corpses for lustful cravings. His targets were young teenage females in college. He confessed to having killed 30 females, but the number of his victims will remain undisclosed. Both Rader and Bundy were driven by the deadliest sin, lust, to perform horrific acts of sexual pleasure.

Another consequence of lust is that it ruins relationships. When a person is addicted to lust, it can leave a person isolated due to the harmful emotional damage they can go through. It is based on self-indulgence, and not caring about the other person. That is when a selfless person becomes a selfish person when lust takes over because of the powerful force that is difficult to contain. Indulging, it comes with guilt, lies, distrust, and many others. Lust has a significant impact because it is the destroyer of relationships since it is the opposite of love. It automatically abandons the other person, so it all comes down to personal sex urges. It takes thought and a strong determination to choose when lust is raging the person to reduce the other person as a play toy for one's pleasure. For couples, this results in divorce, abusive relationships, and such others. This is why people are not willing to seek help because their ashamed to admit how a lustful person they are. All In all, lust can take over a relationship.

Lust is the most disastrous sin because it destroys relationships, results in extreme criminal activity, and affects mental health. Lust causes people to do things out of the ordinary. As said earlier, people have an urge to fulfill their needs. It also can be an addiction that can cause mental health problems and relationship issues. Although the other Seven Deadly Sins have consequences, lust is the most dangerous because it can result in violent acts and corruption. This proves that lust is the deadliest sin.

07 July 2022
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