Main Heroes Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Main heroes of the Epic of Gilgamesh Each epic has main heroes, that have unique differences with each other and similarities, at the same time. The differences between Gilgamesh and Enkidu depicted in their appearance and human beings. However, since, both are described as strong, both are equal. The adjective used to describe Gilgamesh is strong, which is in my First Language means ‘kuchtuu’ Gilgamesh and Enkidu differ in their appearance and human beings. Gilgamesh is more handsome than Enkidu. “ His cheeks were bearded like those of. . . , the hair of his head grew thickly ( as barley). When he grew tall his beauty was consummate, by earthly standards he was most handsome” (3). This line shows how he was handsome at that time. The author’s perception is that Gilgamesh as a king and semi-divine he has to be most handsome, whom people admire. While Enkidu was born of the wild, growing up with animals and ate grass. “. . . with the gazelles, he grazes on grasses “(2). As he was more animal, he looks like a beast. “All his body is matted with hair. . . Coated in hair like the god of the animal” (5). His looking saying that he did not have a place in human society before. Once that should be noticed is Gilgamesh’s arrogance.

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At the beginning of the epic, he was described as an arrogance man, who tyrannizes people. ‘King Gilgamesh tyrannizes people of Uruk’ (1). He focuses on his strength and lets no one speak against it. In Tablet 1, Gilgamesh is strutting around very proud of himself(4). However, Enkidu was not arrogant. He always supported Gilgamesh and care about him(19). He worried about him and fulfilled the duty of a friend, he was sincere. Then, my perception is that appearances and traits are saying more about the statue of a person. The adjectives used to describe two heroes are a complements their feature and helps shape the epic and the story flow. Some similarities between Gilgamesh and Enkidu that both are strong. Gilgamesh and Enkidu both are similar in their physical strength. Gilgamesh is described as ‘Surpassing all kings, powerful and tall beyond all others, violent, splendid, a wild bull of a man. ‘ Gilgamesh is perfect in strength (page 2), he has no equal and journeys of hundreds of miles take him only a day. As he has enough power, he fights with the Humbaba, who is guarding the forest of the Cedar.

Similarly, as Enkidu companion of Gilgamesh, he also strong enough. ‘ let her creatу the equal of Gilgamesh, one mighty in strength’ (4). Since they are the main characters of the epic, they must have something in common and it is depicted in their strength. The adjective used to describe Gilgamesh is a strength, which is in my First Language means ‘kuchtuu’. Gilgamesh was mostly strong physically. With equivalent meaning, I took the adjective ‘kuchtuu’. We usually, use this word for a person who is physically strong and for the person who had more experience in the past. Moreover, the word ‘kuchtuu ’ we look for some aspects as moral or physical. But, for the Gilgamesh, we can take only on the side of physically, because at the beginning he used his strength for tyrannizing people. That is why he is strong physically. To sum up, everyone has different characters and characters make us common. Similarly, Gilgamesh and Enkidu have also differences, which indicate their individual beings. While the two characters are equal in their strength. Moreover, the equivalent adjective used to describe Gilgamesh’s strength, in my own First Language means ‘kuchtuu’.

10 October 2020

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