Malala Yousafzai: Life and Contributions

Malala was born to a sunni muslim family on the 12 July 1997 in Mingora. In 2009,She wrote a blog for the bbc expressing her difficulties and opinions as a young female under the taliban, she wrote anonymously. As the Taliban took control of the area, they issued rules banning television,music, and women from going shopping and limiting their females education. Most all female schools were blown up and as a consequence of this they stayed at home, scared of what the Taliban might do. However, for a time, there was a brief period where the Taliban girls could receive an education if they wore Burkas. But, fear won.Her father and Malala began to receive death threats for their views, and Malala and her father began to fear for their safety. Her father once considered moving Malala to a boarding school, but Malala didn’t want to leave.

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani school pupil and spokesperson for women’s right to education. In retaliation for her profile campaign for education and criticism of the Taliban and their ways.Her increased profile and strident criticism of the Taliban caused Taliban leaders to meet, and in 2012, they voted to kill her.On 9 October 2012,a Taliban gunman shot Yousafzai as she rode home on a bus after taking an exam in Pakistan's Swat Valley. Yousafzai was 15 years old at the time. She survived the shooting but was in a critical condition. Her father was convinced she would die. In a coma, Malala was moved to a hospital in Rawalpindi. Later on the 15 October, she was transferred to Birmingham in the United Kingdom for further treatment at a specialist hospital for treating military injuries. A couple of days later, she came out of a coma and responded well to treatment. She was discharged on January 3, 2013, and her and her family to a temporary home in the West Midlands. She has become a leading spokesperson for human rights, education and women’s rights. She has received numerous peace awards and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 for being a children's rights activist

Her assassination received worldwide shock and protests across Pakistan,over two million people signed the Right to Education campaign. The petition helped push the ratification of Pakistan’s first right to education bill in Pakistan.Ehsanullah Ehsan, chief spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that Malala Yousafzai was a symbol of the infidels and obscenity. However, other Islamic clerics in Pakistan issued a fatwa against the Taliban leaders and said there was no religious justification for shooting a schoolgirl.

Using the slogan “I am Malala” the petition contains three demands

  • We call on Pakistan to agree to a plan to deliver education for every child.
  • We call on all countries to outlaw discrimination against girls.
  • We call on international organisations to ensure the world’s 61 million out-of-school children are in education by the end of 2015.

On 12 July 2013, she spoke at the United Nations to a group of 500 youths calling for worldwide access to education.Since 2013, she has studied at Edgbaston High School in Birmingham. She has continued to be a prominent activist based with her family living in Birmingham.

Malala yousafzai has made an amazing contribution to the girls of north-west pakistan and their education i believe she has been incredibly brave and a strong fighter, for me the biggest thing that makes her a contributor to world peace is that she is not fighting for herself but instead she is fighting for others and their education, she is working towards females in north-west pakistan's education which should be free and able to be accessed by everyone, when she got shot the people and the government realised that their leaders and the people who they trusted where bad and would shoot a schoolgirl for expressing her opinion, her strength made others believe that they could express themselves and not have to hide in fear,the previous leaders were very violent and having more people speak up and take action has shocked and swayd them enough for a new government to step up, now with the females getting an education north-west pakistan is a lot more peaceful than it was at the start.   

07 April 2022
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