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Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House And The Theory Of Time Travel

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Is time travel real? Mary Pope Osborne is the author of the renowned ‘Magic Tree House’ series. In which Mary writes about a brother (Jack) and sister (Annie) duo, who go on adventures through time to inform the youth who read light novels about that period in time. In the ‘ Magic Tree House: Revolutionary War on Wednesday’ Jack and Annie find themselves on December 25, 1776, where they coincide with George Washington and get the chance to alter or preserve the past. This brings up the inquiry: what is time, is time travel logically possible, and can the past truly be changed.

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What is time? For example, an ordinary individual would say time is characterized by sixty seconds (one minute), sixty minutes (one hour), etc. That is an example of linear time. Linear time states that ‘time moves similar to an arrow, it moves in a single direction’. Scientists fittingly call this ‘The Arrow Of Time’. The Arrow of Time started at the beginning of time and since has been seen progressing forward. As time progresses the atoms of the world expand farther apart this is known as ‘Entropy’. If we look closer into the bare particles of the universe, time appears to circulate in every direction. As of today, time is still a mystery, an enigma.

Knowing that time travels in every direction, even back, brings up a big question. Is it possible to time travel? Albert Einstein produced a theory called Special Relativity. Special Relativity states that when an individual is traveling through space and their speed relative to other objects is close to the speed of light, time goes slower for them than for the people they left behind. This is called the Twin Paradox. To answer the question, yes time travel is possible if we reach light speed.

Now that the time traveling in the Magic Tree House has been proven to be accurate. Could Jack and Annie altar the past? Could they have changed George Washington’s decision to cross the Delaware? Let us say that Jack and Annie persuaded George Washington to shy-away from crossing the Delaware River. These efforts do not produce two divergent timelines. The fact of the matter is, Jack and Annie can not even kill the tiniest of houseflies if they were not killed on that day in the past. But they may participate in something that was to occur.

Time is an enigma, proving to be too complex for even the most ingenious of humankind. Time flows in all directions proving time travel to the past or future to be plausible. Once in the future or past, time can not be altered or controlled. In conclusion, Jack and Annie could not have altered the past from occurring. Time is eternally flowing in all directions, explaining why time travel to the past is probable. But once in the past, time does not permit any man to hinder its natural flow. 

10 Jun 2021

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