Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – A Representative Of The Romantic Era

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The Romantic Period has much of the literature history such as Mary Shelley famous art “Frankenstein’s monster”. The novel was released in 1818 and is one of the most famous novels of all time and very popular until this day. Some of the biggest names in today’s literature wrote in the Romantic Period, and Mary Shelley is a very big one.

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Frankenstein’s Monster was released in 1818, and is about a monster creator named Victor Frankenstein, and the monster was 8 ft tall but had emotions like a real human and just wanted to fit in. This was the beginning of the gothic genre in literature and it became very big at the time. Not everyone wrote about the gothic genre though. There were a lot of artists like John Martin who made many of the most famous works until this day. The romantic period was the biggest era in just culture because of the lack in science and other things. This was the era of culture where everyone decided to write about all the nice things in our world. England under this era was very poor, many people started moving in to the city and people needed jobs, so artists and writers was a good opportunity to get a job at this time. People like Mary Shelley that came from a rich family had obviously better opportunities to produce books because of her famous parents, that were both philosophers. And could support Mary in her writing.

As I mentioned before this was a hard time and there was problems finding jobs so people had so much spare time to do what they wanted, and with all creativity they could create art. The theatre under this era was about emotions and what people had experienced in their lives, it was all about good things and never about taboo things like sex and dead bodies for example. The theatre was not the biggest in literature at this moment, because it was so many who read novels because that was the biggest around.

Today what people think about when they hear “The Romantic Era” is probably novels and Frankenstein’s Monster. Just because of that novels big impact on nowadays literature. How a monster tries to fit in to the norms of this world and how his outside can affect what people think about him. And that is a problem that this novel represents. Because everyone should be treated likewise and the outside of a creature should not affect that. The Romantic Era is one of the biggest in cultural history, because of its so many popular works.

01 February 2021

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