Methods Of Dealing With The Loneliness

Have you or a loved one ever felt all alone in the world? In truth, we all do sometimes, and it isn't always easy to overcome those feelings. When you're going through difficult times and feel there's no one to turn to for support, it's hard to know what to do or where to go. Humans are considered social creatures by nature. People long for connection with others and want to be loved or accepted. It's ok to have these feelings of having someone you can love in return. The problem is when you don’t have a loved one or friend to turn to when you feel lost or isolated, this is loneliness. Learning how to cope with loneliness isn't simple. Loneliness can be defined in different ways but common characteristics are isolation, lack of communication, and social activity. We face numerous situations daily dealing with loneliness, luckily there are ways to cope like seeking professional help, finding a new hobby, practicing positive self-talk and identifying effects of Loneliness.

When dealing with the loneliness that is part of general depression, anxiety, or any other mental health issue, it is when seeking a professional for help is a step in the right direction. Specialist Wendy Wisner says, “talking through your loneliness, and having someone help you come up with an action plan for dealing with it, are great steps toward your overall happiness and a greater sense of well-being'. Seeking help can help when a person experiences difficult situations in their life, often it’s hard for them to see alternative solutions. So, a therapist can widen their perspective and provide distance between them and their problem. All to help the person to approach and eventually overcome the stressor impacting their wellbeing. Lastly, the main factor that professionals can help one in need is finding new coping strategies. A Psych central posting states, “Therapy can help you discover new coping strategies to manage current and future problems. Coping strategies are. . . efforts you make to manage and minimize stress. . . Learning new coping strategies gives you the confidence to believe you are in control of managing your problems”. This is one way an individual can cope with being lonely by seeking help from a therapist. Another solution is finding an existing or new hobby.

When the sense is isolation and consistent depression, that result in loneliness, can be caused by routine. Doing the same routine in the same order every day can be dull even for the most conservative people. Finding a new activity to participate in can be helpful for the mind and body. Professor of psychology Jaime Kurtz says, “countless studies have found that social connection is a key component of happiness and a meaningful life, and hobbies have the potential to create precious new ties”. To have hobbies and personal interests in life are important emotionally and psychologically. So, a person can have a well-balanced lifestyle. It’s known that hobbies are to engage oneself, to develop oneself, to develop a person’s skills to make friends, to be unique and different, to find a passion, to help one focus, and learn. All build to a well-rounded person. This is only one means to an end when dealing with loneliness, another solution is thinking and acting on positive talk.

Learning how to cope with loneliness isn't simple, but there's much a person can do to regain that feeling of value and belonging. One way is the practice positive Self-Talk, people might think getting rid of negative self-talk has to do with loneliness, but the two go together. When a person is feeling lonely, and start to think about, how they hate life, or how no one wants to spend time with them, that person is simply adding to their loneliness. You're not only missing social connections but also taking a beating to your self-esteem. The pathway of positive self-talk takes practice, but it can be part of a cure for loneliness, “If you decide to seek out online therapy, then you'll learn all about these positive self-talk techniques. It's a good way to combat negative feelings and it can significantly improve your life”. Exercising the practice of positive self-taking can be in addition to help one solve the problem of being lonely. Another solution is facing the facts of what the loneliness has on the mind and body.

Recognizing the effects of loneliness, helps the person be aware of the changes in their mind and body. Lustbader also states, “loneliness can affect your mental health. As it increases, so does depression. One of the main signs of depression is no longer wanting to do things you used to enjoy, including spending time with your friends”. A person's feelings of loneliness may be a small factor of a bigger issue. Like not wanting to confront someone that you have an issue with, and letting it grow until you have a huge outburst is not the best way to handle the situation. The same thing goes with loneliness. The more you keep those feelings in and not confronting the issue, your mind and body will retaliate against you. All these solutions are ways one can handle being lonely, but if you don’t take the steps forward to making a change in your life. The result won't be what you're looking for.

When trying to overcome hardship, people go through ups, downs, leaps, and hurtles. All to solve the issue at hand, with loneliness people can face it. But will take time to heal. With the coping mechanisms of seeking professional help, finding a new hobby, practicing positive self-talk and identifying effects of Loneliness. It can help the healing process go by faster. Always remembering that loneliness is a temporary state of one’s mind and soul. Knowing the tell signs can ensure one never lets loneliness grow into depression, one must know how to manage loneliness before they realize that this is too unbearable. A quote that speaks close to the heart is by Mitch Albom, “The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we are alone. ”

10 October 2020
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