Modern Look of Indian's Mangalore City

Modern look of Mangalore

Mangalore prominently called as Coastal city and Kudla, it is gateway to the Karnataka and this city is one the fastest developing city in India. Mangalore is one of the city which adopt any development project quietly such as E-toilet, Indira canteen, concrete roads and fly overs. This coastal city give tough competition to other state. Means it have many multi corporation and domestic corporation are placing their business in Mangalore and many huge development project are introduced to coastal city. For example corporation bank and Karnataka bank have their headquarters within the city limit and MRPL, MCF, KIOCL, Ultratech cement plant, big malls, are the major industries working in the Mangalore, these are main profit for the Mangalorean’s.

In 2017 Mangalore is nominated for the smart city. Present day coastal city getting modern look and other hand it is turning to huge business city also it is fare enough to called it is one of the modern city because this city is mixer of each and everything’s it include numerous things such as national and international banks, company’s, big malls, hospital, national and international hotels and all kinds of show rooms, few welfare programme and more over it has historical story and each story are unique and interesting in there own way also every story convening the importance of Mangalore city and unique nature. May be this is unique city which has famous for multiple things.

This article give details information about how Mangalore have modern look in the coastal city. More over to call whether city is modern or not most of us judge based of different factors that is current status of the city, living stander of people, their life style, literature rate, their practice and facilities which city giving for the welfare of the people. Considering these things Mangalore is one of the city which give faire modern facility to their people. Education make people mature and knowledgeable person. Education directly effect the living stander of the people and to run any business we need market knowledge and to know current market situation we need education also having good literature rate lead city to develop, it increase living stand of people. Through education people able to contribute to the town, village and nation.

In matter of education Mangalore is in upper hand, it city also called as ‘Cradle of Education’ in India. Have many educational institution include every types of courses and from the various state of India and different part of the world large number of student attracted, come here and admit in educational institution specially for the higher education most of the student come here and study. Particularly U.S.A and Gulf countries investing to set up professional education institution in this coastal city. May this lead to the have different culture, tradition and different language.

Mangalore tulu is well know language but today here various language are spoken by people and interesting Mangalore’s know for well heart people and they keep this, welcome every culture, practice and living together. This give brief culture about the coastal city and shown we are modern because modern definition support for the brought thinking well coastal city doing this. Each development needed the revenue and revenue is heart of the every city. transport system is one system which helpful to the city to get more profit for the both private and government. Let have a look on how modern Mangalore’s transport facility.

This city have every kind of transport system, such as Mangalore international airport at Bejai, 22 kilometres from Mangalore city. Present it give air facility to Goa, Bangaluru, Kochi, Mumbai, Kuwait, Bahrain , Calicut in the domestic segment and Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain in the international segment. Current working air jets in Mangalore is Air India, Jet airways, Spicejet and Air India Express these plans giving good service to the Mangalore’s people. Trains is more comfortable, affordable transport facility which every social class people depend on this.

Mangalore have two railway station, one is Mangalore Railway station at Hampankatta and another one situated in Mangalore Railway Junction at Kankanady. Service given to Kerala, Mumbai, Goa, Tamil Nadu and other district and state. Mangalore city in transport field it mainly know for the private buses along with it has government service buses. Specially service bus available for the inter-district, inter- taluk and other rural towns.

Private business man’s have numerous bus service such as Ideal Travels, Canara, Canara-Pinto, Vishal Travels, Anand Travels, VRL etc. hold their own service office and give service across the town, state and nation. Have more number private bus service connected to the urban cities. From few years back both car and cab service start function in this city also passing time we can observed that new company’s starting like Zoom car.Industries is backbone to the income and more industries means more profits to state, government and to business man’s.

Mangalore is also making more profit through industries, famous industries is MRPL, MCF, KIOCL, Ultratech cement plant. Mangalore associated with fisheries and agriculture work. Bander and Hoige bajar is the place ever fisheries work are done and we have fisheries college at Gorigudde. According to the statics report 8.3 lakh ha.,34% is used for the agriculture purpose and 10% for non-agriculture purpose. 37%forest are and 18% is common area. Tile making, mining, beedi- rolling and quarrying are the other small industries which Mangalore’s depended. Mangalore tile is famous in the world, today tile business occupies 45 percentage in export from old port. 72 percent marine fish production done in coastal city, production range start from 2.7 lakh to 3 lakh tonnes per year. Fishing industries has 28 fishing yards out of 12 are in this district.

While business man along with small or big company’s making more profit. The amount which their learn from the certain work, they want to keep in safer place while Mangalore is one of the more profit making city. That’s why it is called as ‘Cradle of Banking Industry’. It has four large nationalised and internationalised banks such as Corporation bank, Syndicate bank, Canara bank, Vijaya bank, Panjab bank and HDFC bank. Have private sector bank like Karnataka bank Ltd.., few others. Corporation bank has opened its own ATM branches in this city.Health is wealth. Good health make people more active, smarter and health make people participate effective for welfare of city and state. Mangalore giving good health facility for its people, this city know for the health, young stars and cleanness. This district have national and international hospital, gives health facilities.

There are few hospital which is attached with the hospital and have hundreds of small nursing homes. Not only English medicine famous also Ayurveda medicine, world oldest health care system also famous in this city and this health care practice made its land mark in this city. Tourist place is one of the attractive positive merit for the state and country. Through tourist place state and nation half of the profit, that’s why every city, state and nation gives important to the tourist place in their city. T

ourist place has banch of stories, telling about our ancient story. Tourist palace is the one of the relaxion palace and profile making place for the state and city. while Mangalore is one of the city which also make profit through tourist palace. Mangalore have different kind of tourist palace such as temples, parks, museum, beach, big auditorium, chapel, mass and malls. There is temple road, this road has more than ten temples with in the 2 kilometres and has different God. The most of the temple situated in Mangalore is rich, famous and most of them controlled by private famous personality. There are few temples which is famous across the district and state.

Shiravu Mahaganapathi temple situated in K.S road, it is one of ancient temple in the Dakshina Kannada and build by Tuluva and Veerabahu. Its origin history and its important is narrated in the Skanda Purana Kudroli Gokarnanatheswara temple build by Brahmashree Narayana Guru in 1921 now it is renovated. After the Mysore dasara next dasara celebration famous is in Mangalore. This temple mainly know for the Navarathri festival, it attracted large number of devotees. Venkataraman temple located in car street, this street in heart of temple place. This temple has the history of 300 years and it belongs to the Gowda Saraswathi community. Kadri Manjunatheshwara temple at the Kadri hills, built in 1068 A.D.

This temple is one of the oldest temple in India and through this temple Mangalore get the name of Parashurama Shriti. There are believe that this land is Parashurama Shriti, and Shiva is one who taking care of this city. Mangalore is the place where Parashurama placed and believe he is take are Lord Shiva. Mangaladevi temple, there are saying that Mangalore got name from this temple. Build by Kundavarma with two Nepali sages.

Kateel Durgaparameshwari temple located in the middle of river Nandini and uniqueness of part is river is in boat shape and have few more famous temple which are long history, all these temple contribute for avenge of state and these temple help other religion community such mid meal for the schools and give scholarship for the student who are economically backward. Not only temple chapel and mass also famous in this city like St. Aloysius chapel located in St Aloysius college, build in 1900. Chapel has wonderful painting and saints lives are depict in the wall. Rosario chapel one of the oldest chapel in Mangalore and Mela grace chapel also have long history.

Beaches is most attractive place which attract large number of people and Mangalore is famous for the beaches and it also attract the tourist from the other state like Bangaluru, other district and from the foreign. These beaches are not have unique with different thinks such Tannirubavi, to reach this beach there are boat facility and bus facility and have large number of trees. Panambur beach, it is beautiful beach in Mangalore, has Old lighthouse attract part and Someshwara beach, which have huge rocks intruding into the sea and getting rushed by every waves. Ullala beach, best place to see the sunset. These tourist place give clear picture of why Mangalore famous and unique.

In kannada journalism Dakshina Kannada part is memorable one. The first printing press was started in this city while because of printing press many books and magazines got published. ‘ Mangalore Samachara’ was first news paper stated in 1843. Since from then this city has made major impact in the media till today and adopt many new technology for printing. Today we can see several news channel or website operated by Mangalorean’s.

There are more than ten channels working is coastal city like V4 news 24into7, Namma TV, V4 Naaptol, Namma Kudla 24into7, V4 INFO, Praja TV,C4U Live, Daiji world and CNN. In printing field also have its now impact like Udayavani, Hosa digantha, Vartha Bharathi and few other news paper works in Mangalore but these paper have impact on the different district and state.

All these media and news paper is in good position and it is giving new young journalist for the society. Film industry changing day by day and slowly its undergone through several changes. On these competition world we can see the Tulu film have its own impact on the film industry. Tulu film industry know as ‘Coastalwood’. Earlier days, Tulu films were released in theatres with the Tulu Nadu region but now it is change its rote and Tulu film industry has grown up and films are released in Udupi, Kasaragod, Bangaluru, Mumbai and in gulf countries. Tulu ‘Suddha’ film won best Indian film at the Osian’s cinefan festival of Asian and Arab cinema. While Tulu film industry rapidly growing faster and they are come up with the numerous film in two to three months. Coastal city day by day converting as the one of the huge business city and start adopting new things, modern art, culture and business.

03 December 2019
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