Motivation To Be A Nurse

As a young black male, being born in a family full of immigrants, I grew up with a single mother and siblings determined to be nurses and doctors, being raised by a single mother, I grew up on the belief that compassion towards others is key. because of this I slowly started to notice that being immigrants, my parents and family members and I must work extra hard compared to other people to become successful in life. Because of this I witnessed and experienced different values and beliefs from all angles and viewpoints. Also, being born in a below average income house, the normality of not always getting the newest item and not being able to always get want I wanted, taught me the value of friendship, seeing that in times of need my friends would always be there for me and provide. Because of I can identify three important beliefs and values that I hope and pray will make me a hardworking, compassionate nurse. These beliefs and values are: compassion, dedication and Friendship. The first value is compassion, because as a middle child raised by a single mother, who naturally is a nice loving a caring person I unconsciously slowly started to become like my mother. As Stevie wonder said, “Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness”. My mom has been very helpful is shaping me into the bright young man I am today, she instilled the fear of God into me meanwhile sheltering me with love and compassion, because of this life for me has been relatively easy going for me seeing that I like to teach my mother’s teaching to everyone around me. “Compassion is a fundamental part of nursing care. Individually, nurses have a duty of care to show compassion; an absence can lead to patients feeling devalued and lacking in emotional support.”

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As a professional nurse, your job is to help patients feel better either in the hospital or long term home care. To be able to do that one must be able to properly show compassion, seeing that the patients may be feeling down or in need of emotional support, if a nurse does not have compassion it may lead to the patient feeling depressed and or feeling of worthlessness. Secondly, being born in Nigeria, my family and I had a very tough time coming to Canada and settling down due to poverty. Because of that me and my family members became dedicated to our goals and commitments towards schools, even though there was countless obstacles and challenges. These challenges consisted of not having enough money to pay for school, not being able to get transportation to get to school, neighborhood shootings and living in a bad learning environment. All these obstacles and challenges are those of which would break most people’s willpower, although my family never wavered, we stayed strong though out everything and got to where we are today. “Mrs. Cowen is able to extend her dedication to pediatric nursing and nursing education.”

Without dedication, nurses and doctors alike would find it very difficult to do and finish their job. Nurses have the job of taking care of patients who may be aggressive towards them, or be very un-cooperate. As an upcoming nurse my goal would be to dedicate my life and effort to every patient even though some patients will make it difficult to help them. Finally, my last value that I cherish is friendship. According to the oxford dictionary Friendship is “A state of mutual trust and support between allied nations”. During my childhood growing up, one of the obstacles that I had during my youth was the struggle of obtaining money. Although, one thing that I flourished at was making friends. Every day I am thankful for the countless amount of new people I’ve met throughout my life. Because of these friendships, I have received help and motivation from friends. Because of this, the value of friendship has been something very important to me for a very long time. “Nursing has been one of the most difficult and challenging, yet fulfilling, ventures of my life. It has been a journey of relationships and experiences. Touching lives when they are lonely, ill, hopeless or dying is a privilege that few other professions offer.”

In the last picture, you can see a group of nurses working abroad to help people in need, without the friendship they have for each other, helping people in need in another country would become very hard. This is because, throughout a nurse’s career, many relationships are to be formed either between the patient or other nurses. If there’s no relationship between either, a nurse will not be able to fully complete his or her job. When I become a nurse, making a relationship between both my colleagues and patients, is something that I am going to aim to do and hopefully thrive at. These beliefs and values I have outlined are very important to me, as I continue my journey on becoming a nurse. Just as my mother taught me to always show compassion, I also aim to teach and show compassion to all my patients. If I have the value of dedication, which I witnessed from my family first hand, I believe that my job as a nurse will make a difference in the world.

Lastly, if I always remember that friendships can take someone far in life, then I can also remember that being a nurse requires one to making relationships both between patients and coworkers to be able to adequately complete the job of being a nurse. Compassion, dedication and friendship and important values in my life seeing that when I believe in these values I made it to where I am today.

11 February 2020

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