Movies And The First Date

There is a variety to choose from in the world of movies. Movies are something that are available to everyone and offer many genres to choose from. Going to the movies has long been a popular activity for dates and has become very popular for the first date. Choosing the right movie genre for a first date is important, it should be something that each are comfortable with and enjoy. Of the movie genres such as horror, action, and comedy, horror movies allow the viewers to experience a wide range of emotions and are the most enjoyable.

Horror movies appeal to a very large group of movie goers. Several characteristics of a horror movie such as things jumping out at you and the wide range of emotions that you feel while watching could make this genre a good choice for a first date. This genre relies on terrifying the audience by playing on common phobias that many people may have. Scary places are frightening, and most horror movies have the scenery of old haunted houses, cemeteries, basements, or abandoned properties that are quite frightening and could really give a good scare that could cause the female to lean in a little closer to the male. This could help break the ice and make it much easier to start a conversation. Zombies, killer clowns, and psychopaths that chase their victims through dark places while eerie music plays can really heighten your emotions. Of course, there is also the creepy crawling animal or creature such as snakes, spiders, and rats, that make an occasional appearance and can really awaken a phobia or go as far as even making someone feel as though the creature is crawling on them as they watch the movie. While some movie goers love to be scared, others may have difficulty overcoming their fears. Horror films use snakes, bats, and skeletons to increase audience’s emotional involvement and responses. Some people have phobias that are so serious that the viewer might have a panic attack if they see the object of their phobia. This could be embarrassing for both parties but especially more so for the one having the panic attack. An extreme fright might be too much for a very nervous or anxious person to deal with. It would be wise to make sure ahead of time that both parties enjoy this genre.

One may also choose to watch action movies on a first date. While they appeal to a wide audience, not everyone is a fan. Some of the characteristics of action movies such as physical action, disasters, and super hero fights may make this genre choice not ideal for everyone. Action movies are known to have dangerous situations and violence. Unlike a horror movie, people can relate to scenes from action movies. Tornadoes are real, earthquakes are real, guns are real. Action movies are known to have dangerous situations and violence. They always include danger of some kind, such as a violent battle or confrontation with a villain. This can cause a date to go wrong if one does not like violence or has experienced a natural disaster and could cause tension between the daters. An avid gun enthusiast will love a violent gun fight, but someone who favors strict gun control will not. There are also unusual locations in this genre of movie. This genre commonly has exotic or abnormal sceneries that are not common in other genres. If the location is too different, for example, space, it could be unappealing to one of the people on the date and cause the date to lose interest in the movie or even the date itself. While there are many fans of movies such as Star Wars and Avatar, there are just as many people who dislike the movies because viewers feel that the locations are not believable.

In action movies, there is always unrealistic characters, and they can be uninteresting or boring to some. Superheroes, wizards, or other fake characters may be attractive to some movie goers, but others may prefer realistic characters to which viewers can more easily relate. Overall this genre could be something that does not peak one’s interest and could cause someone on the date to be bored with the movie. A bored date may not wish to repeat the experience.

Finally, there is the comedy genre. Some of the characteristics of comedy may include making someone laugh, family friendly, and a happy story line. Since there are so many types of comedy films, daters have a wide variety to choose from. This will provide a good chance to find a movie that interest both parties. Comedy films contain different types of humor to relate to varied audience members. Things such as word play, irony, and the misfortune of others makes comedy the genre that it is. Comedies also contain characters that are easy to relate to such as the nosy old neighbor or the grumpy old man that makes everyone laugh. Many movie goers like to be able to laugh at characters who remind them of someone that they know. Viewers might also relate to the personalities or style of a character. Comedies are playful, less serious, and can provide a comfortable atmosphere to get to know one another. Characters can be more divergent or outlandish because the characters are supposed to be funny. They may have ridiculous physical or emotional features which can make them appealing to viewers. No one goes to a comedy expecting perfect characters. These characters also do not have to solve every problem. Comedies make problems seem like a humorous aspect of life. First dates are often a tense experience just because the individuals are not sure of what to expect from each other. They may not know each other very well. Humorous films may ease the process of getting to know each other by allowing laughter and encouraging conversation. Although you may find humor in all these genres, comedy’s main purpose is to cause laughter, but some humor may not be for everyone.

There are many genres of movies available to today’s movie goers. Careful attention needs to be paid to the choice of an appropriate movie for a first date. One wants to find a movie that encourages conversation and allows attendees to get to know each other. Horror movies, action movies, and comedy movies all have a wide attraction for audiences. Horror movies leave the viewers thrilled with the fearful situations. Action movies can be filled with action packed scenes full of gunfights, super heroes, and violence and could cause disagreements on several debates. Comedies can provide something that many can relate to and allow for easy conversation between viewers. Among the movie genres, horror causes a much wider range of emotions that can really get the audience’s hearts pumping.

03 December 2019
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