My 15th Birthday That I Will Never Forget!

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Today is my birthday! I’m finally turning 15, I grab my crutches and head downstairs. “Good morning Zara, Happy Birthday!” “Thank you, mum.” 

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Today I must go to physical therapy again and I’m not looking forward to it, but at least this will be the last session and most likely the last day with crutches. I’m supposed to go to the most important meet of my life, but here I am stuck on crutches with a metal rode in my leg and going to physical therapy. ‘YAY me.’ I finally arrive at the hospital and I get called in. “Zara” Asks the physical therapist, “yep” I reply. I followed her down to the room. “Hi Zara.” “Hi Michelle.” My physical therapist has helped me a lot and she’s really nice. I begin doing exercises and every time I touch similar things that feels the same as the gymnastic equipment I have flash backs about Gymnastics and the car crash and I start to panic. My time has finished, and I leave the hospital, my mum is annoying me so much that my ears feel like they starting to bleed. 

When I get home and I open my birthday presents, I got some new scrunchies that go with most of my leotards, and an iPhone 6s. I start setting up my new phone and my mom comes running into my room. “Get ready you’re going out” my mum said. “what? where!?” I was so confused. “you’re going out with Michelle.” “what!!!! You didn’t think to let me know earlier!” I exclaimed. “I didn’t let you know earlier because it would have given you more time to say no”. Michelle picks me up and we go to some sort of shed. “is this a rage!?” I asked. “oh, darling were not in the 90’s.” Michelle’s friend Kyla said. We walked in and were watching some people do hip-hop, I was correcting all their mistakes, it seemed like Michelle and Kyla were running some hip-hop group. Michelle came over and started speaking to me “so guess what, I have good news, I have finalised your condition and you are now able to start doing gymnastics again.” I was so excited, and I couldn’t wait to tell mum. I got home and rushed to mum “MUM! Tomorrow I will be competing in the meet that I always wanted to do because Michelle said I was able to compete.” And mum was very proud and happy for me. 

The next day, I went back to the gym and all my team mates were happy to see me and all my training started all over again. My dream was to get into to the arena where I will be competing, and I win first place in all events. Time had passed, and it came to the competition I have been training for this day ever since the car crash. My leg gave me extremely sharp pains, but I have overcome the pain and I had actually won some of my events. I called up the Hip – Hop crew and Gymnastics team to perform the routine we choregraphed together. This was a great success as everyone in the audience got up out of their seats and danced along, we had a standing ovation and I felt so proud of my accomplishments. “Everybody give a huge congratulations to Zara Greenberry. She has made it into the UCLA team!” 

At that dat my family was so proud of me and I was proud of myself too. It was my favorite birthday that I will never forget!

29 April 2022

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