The Reasons Why My Ambition Is To Become A Nurse

Nursing is a role I feel I was made for. In my opinion, nursing is a career where you never really finish training. It is a highly challenging and demanding career where you are faced with new and different challenges on a daily basis, but it’s also a career that brings a real sense of job satisfaction and comes with many rewards. That's why I want to share my thought about this profession with you in the "My Ambition Is To Become A Nurse Essay" paper. By becoming a nurse it would allow me to fulfil my life-long ambition of pursuing a career in which I am able to help and care for people; I am interested in all areas of nursing but particularly drawn to the A&E department. I am confident to take on these new challenges and embark on my journey as a student at the University Of Plymouth, eventually fulfilling my ambition of becoming a qualified nurse.

My naturally caring and compassionate nature allowed me to excel in my role as a Healthcare Assistant and has provided me with the transferrable skills that will support working within a healthcare setting. Having worked as a full time Healthcare Assistant I am not shy in working long hours, weekend shifts or night shifts. I can confidently say this has prepared me and given me an insight to, the rotating shift patterns of a nurse. Due to the nature of care work we were often faced with challenging behaviours requiring the ability to think on our feet and deal with problems as they arise; this supports me in saying that I am now able to stay calm in emergency situations. From the on-going training we were required to attend I realise the importance to maintain excellent infection control standards and I have a deep understanding of the potential risks and possibilities of cross contamination which I believe will benefit me when I come to work within a clinical setting or hospital environment. Working in a team has taught me how to communicate with colleagues about issues within the nursing home and about the care of residents, being part of such a team requires excellent communication skills and teamwork. To add to this I have also learnt to communicate effectively with the families of residents, resolve any issues or concerns they may have either independently or with the support of colleagues and adapt my way of communicating to suit the needs of each resident. In challenging situations my non- judgemental nature helped me to maintain focus on the needs and beliefs of the residents and put my own opinions and beliefs to the side, something that will assist me in a professional role in the future. Being someone dedicated to advancing my on-going professional development I regularly read articles on the RCN website. I also like to keep up to date with the current nursing topics, this will enable me to care and advise for patients appropriately having an evidence-based opinion.

Having lived in Spain for four years, I worked with people from different cultures and backgrounds; I speak, read and write Spanish fluently. This is something I am incredibly proud of. I feel like my ability to learn has been advanced by learning and speaking another language and has improved my ability to focus on the task at hand, something that will aid my studies at university. I also feel like I have gained excellent listening skills, which will in the future help me to communicate with patients and healthcare professionals. Whilst working towards my Higher Education qualifications I also lead a busy home life, working part time, and taking care of my two young children. This demonstrates my determination to succeed, my ability to work under pressure and my excellent time management skills, a commitment I would show through my training at university.

Being a nurse has been my ambition for many years and I can’t think of another profession more rewarding. My commitment to a vocation in nursing will ensure I am the best student I can be and I will continue to strive to learn and succeed at this path.


16 August 2021
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