My Desire To Be Involved In The Legal Profession

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A studious attitude and the desire to learn and seek more is where my passion for law originally stems from. The polycentric nature of the law, as well as its impact on society, is what attracts me to study law at degree level. This profoundly analytical discipline appeals to me not only because it is highly practical, but also ubiquitous.

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My desire to learn more about the legal profession motivated me to find work experience through which my love for law flourished. Being involved with the law, from discussing case files with solicitors, to phoning and talking to clients on the phone, to submitting cases online, was equally stimulating and educational.

Attaining this first-hand experience of applying the law and undertaking different tasks, both taught me basic practical legal processes and showed me the role of guidance and counsel as professionals through sitting alongside solicitors dealing with clients, skills that will be essential for a law degree.

My passion for law was heightened upon attending a TLP Aspire Law Conference during which I was prompted to read ‘The Best I Could’ by Subhas Anandan. Through reading his experience dealing with cases that shaped the face of criminal law in Singapore, I became enthralled by his battle with the ethics of defending a convict and his reasoning for it. This fuelled my fascination for law as it made me question the morality that lawyers are often faced with in saying that a moral high ground can never be taken when it comes to defending an accused person.

I was selected to shadow a law student at LSE through which I gained an insight as to what law at university entails. I attended a public law lecture on parliamentary sovereignty, in particular, the case of the Spanish fishing company Factortame, with the question being raised: was EU law supreme over national Westminster law, bearing in mind the doctrine of Parliamentary sovereignty? I was captivated throughout the lecture, learning the details behind the case. The resulting debate and discussion sparked my interest in law further as I thrive off this intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking atmosphere. Inspired by this, I sought out more lectures to continue developing my understanding of law. After attending a handful, I went on to complete an online course by HavardX on contract law. I was particularly interested in the drafting of contracts and building the ladder of trusts.

My observations of the injustices that take place daily have grown from simply acknowledging what is on my doorstep. Thus, when I was chosen to give a TEDx style talk on a topic of my choice, having a passion for law, I chose to discuss the hardships in prosecuting a cybercriminal. After talking about the differences in jurisdiction posing issues such as laws surrounding cybercrime differing from country to country, to the option of online anonymity making it increasingly difficult to even identify cybercriminals, to finally the impossible nature of attaining bulletproof evidence of a cybercrime because it is so easily adulterated, my love for this discipline blossomed. Through researching the intricacies of cyberlaw, it confirmed that a law degree is right for me.

To me, being Head Girl is not just a title to flaunt, but also a responsibility to bear. I take pride in being able to represent my fellow students. My commitment to my roles in school has vastly improved my confidence and my skills of discussion, debate and compromise, all things that undoubtedly will accompany me throughout university.

Practicing law will provide me with the tools to uphold the cornerstones of society because society is what the law affects and reflects. It is always changing, and therefore, I believe that a degree in law will lay the foundations that will ultimately allow me to be at the heart of the force that is shaping our world into a place that is equal and just.

03 December 2019

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