My Favorite Instruments: Clarinet, Upright Bass, Harp And Saxophone

My four favorite instruments of the orchestra are the clarinet, upright bass, harp and saxophone. While all the instruments in the orchestra are important and serve different purposes, the instruments are unique to me and when played make a very rich and pleasing sound enjoyable to my ears.

To begin with, the clarinet is one of my favorite instruments because I played it in middle school my sixth and seventh grade year. The clarinet is a woodwind instrument (usually made with African blackwood) originated from Germany consisting of a cylindrical tube, mouthpiece, barrel, first joint, second joint and bell. The entire instrument is about 66cm long and is played with a reed which is held down with a ligature. The clarinet was invented in the early 18th century by Johann Christoph Denner. The clarinet has since undergone many alterations, has many different versions and has an extensive jazz and classical history.

Furthermore, the bass is another one of my favorite instruments because I saw one of my favorite R&B artists (H.E.R.) playing it in her song “The Lord Is Coming”. The upright bass, double bass or commonly known as the bass is a hybrid of the gamba family, the largest and lowest-pitched string instrument in the orchestra and is tuned in fourths (G, D, A and E). The earliest forms of the bass dates to the late 15th or 16 century but was not commonly used until the 18th century. The bass’s name originated from the fact its primary function was to double the bass line in large ensembles.

The harp is another instrument of the Orchestra that I consider a favorite because it is simply beautiful. The harp is a string instrument that dates to 3000 B.C. in Asia, Europe, and Africa and was first illustrated on the sides of ancient Egyptian tombs making it the oldest instrument in the world. The harp has 47 strings that are made from gut, nylon and metal and is played by using the pads of your first four fingers on both hands and laying it back on your shoulder. The harp is the only orchestra instrument that can make a glissando. The harp has come a long in history from before Christ to the medieval times to modern day music, from classical to jazz and acoustic to electric.

Finally, the saxophone is an all-time favorite because whenever I hear it at a concert, in a song, a funeral or etc. my soul becomes elated. The saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax in 1846. It has a metal body and is played with a single reed that saxophonist control with mouth tightness. A single reed that saxophonist control with mouth tightness. There are several different sized saxophone ranging from the Sopranino to the Sub-Contrabass Sax; but only the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass Sax are used today. Although it is usually heard in jazz music, the saxophone was used in successful symphonic music like Bizet, Massenet, and Berlioz. John Douglas Surman and Sidney Bechet are considered the most remarkable saxophonist.

In conclusion, these are my favorite instruments because unique to me, they have such a fascinating history and when played correctly make a very rich and pleasing sound enjoyable to my ears. 

09 March 2021
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