My Intent To Get A Nursing Degree

When I was younger, I’ve always wanted to have a medical career, to work in hospitals in order to help people, make them feel independent, put smiles on their faces and why not to witness some parts of their lives. I was influenced by my mum’s work as she was a nurse and I remember well when I used to visit her in the hospital where she used to work and see her with her blue uniform full of passion and dedication toward her job.

I’m passionate about healthcare and I love to learn more about the science aspect of this field, in addition, I believe that I’m a compassionate person, hardworking, self-motivated and very approachable. I have an innate desire to help people and care for them in times of needs hence; this is the reason behind my application to study for a degree (BSC) in nursing at GCU. Furthermore, I possess many skills that will assist me during my journey; as I used to work in home care where I learned to find positive values in life and how to stay calm and reassuring in an emergency situation. This job has given me plenty of things such as; how to help people through some of their most vulnerable moment, how I should focus on people’ physical needs as well as their emotional, social and spiritual needs as they all complete each other for a good caring.

Also, I used to work as an air hostess and as a prerequisite of this job I had to study one year CSS (certificate de securite et sauvtage) as well as studying first aid, this involved in depth-training of physiology, anatomy and medical treatment such as (bandage, burns, bleeding, etc.) As a result of this job, I got direct experience of treating and caring for injured and unwell passenger from different backgrounds as well as working in a team with my colleagues therefore, I believe that these skills will be transferable into my nursing degree.

I know that my journey at GCU is not going to be easy as my course is going to be challenging and demanding, however, I’m ready to embark on this path as I’m extremely motivated to train in this field, hungry to learn and ready to accept the challenge with open arms.

On the other hand I don’t deny the fact that I have some concerns regarding my academic writing or how to structure an essay, how to reference a text as I came from college and I’ve never used Harvard referencing before or write critically or analytically hence, I’m going to face some issues regarding this but with the practice I can overcome my fears and master my writing as we all know that practice makes perfect.

Moreover, as I’m a mum for two children the work is going to be tough as I need to know how to divide my time between my studies and my children and try to find out a balance that will help me to stay stable in order to not neglect one of them.

I believe that we all have different commitments in our lives that may sometimes become an obstacle for us to move forward, however, with the support, we can all cope with these inconveniences. And this is what we have to bear in our minds, whenever we feel that we are stuck and we cannot handle the pressure that can affect our studies we have to seek help immediately whether by asking the university or a member of our families to intervene in order to continue our 3 years journey with a peace in mind.

03 December 2019
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