My Interest In The Prospect Of Being A Doctor

Medicine is an extension of the academic areas that I already love and over the past two years, spent exploring different options, I have decided that it is the choice best suited to me. I have attended several events such as conferences at the Royal Society of Medicine and lectures on topics ranging from Oncology to medical physics – these experiences have facilitated my decision. A particular lecture by Arsime Demhaja on the topic of mental illness led to me exploring this subject further.

I went on to read The Quiet Room – a book detailing the experiences of a woman living with schizophrenia. The book shows how important a doctor can be to someone who is struggling with their mental health - to them a doctor may be the only person to truly acknowledge their problems. In this way, the altruism of medicine ranks it well above other occupations; being a doctor would provide me with the opportunity to help those in need and interact with a variety of people daily. These events have also highlighted the array of possibilities I can have access to with a medical degree; the number of specialties and the opportunities have made medicine an even more attractive aspiration to me.

Being head girl at my academy I have had to develop strong teamwork skills, working with both the younger years as well as the senior leadership team, and this has been a vital learning experience for me. I was able to experience medicine from a clinical perspective, at my local hospital, in both the neuro-intensive care unit and neurosurgery department. The importance of a patient-doctor relationship was prevalent throughout the week and highlighted how crucial trust in the healthcare system is and the important part doctors play in this trust. I have witnessed how teamwork is one of the most useful attributes that a doctor can have; at many multidisciplinary meetings I’ve seen how many different professionals, from occupational therapists to surgeons, contribute to a patient’s full recovery. For the past four years, I have volunteered with Merton Police Cadets. Volunteering has helped me to build my interpersonal skills and adaptability through interaction with high ranking members in the police and members of the public.

Having been elected as head cadet two years ago, I now mentor some of our younger members which has drastically improved my ability to be an effective leader; it has been hugely fulfilling volunteering within the community. I have since facilitated a Christmas Party for the elderly at my school, an event created to help isolated people feel less lonely during the holidays. Some of these people had additional communication needs, for example dementia or being hard of hearing, which required a different approach. This has shown me the importance of empathy, and how going the extra-mile can improve a person’s quality of life immeasurably. Having organised a week of experience at a care home I was able to further explore the importance of cognitive empathy. Many of the members also had specific needs and I would need to approach each situation holistically to provide the best response. I am a part of the school debate team which has led to competitions such as the CfBT 2018 debate competition – in which I was one of the finalists. My interest in debate has seen me mentoring younger students and helping them create articles on a nationally recognised journalism platform. Furthermore, running for my local club has taught me a level of self-discipline which comes from the constant strive for self-improvement.

My extra-curricular activities have allowed me to become a well-rounded individual, helping me develop many skills that will support me on my journey through medicine. I have witnessed first-hand how tough being a doctor can be, as the worst-case scenario is always a possibility. Such experiences have also shown me how rewarding medicine can be; it is a profession that is constantly evolving and so would give me the chance to learn continuously throughout my life.

A career in medicine is far from the easy option, but I believe I am up for the challenge; the prospect of being a doctor, in my opinion, is unrivalled.

01 April 2020
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